Sunday, December 14, 2008

She makes me smile!

Aubrey Rose makes me smile almost all day long! I can NOT say all day, every day, because there are definitely moments that I am not sure how to handle this little child. Like a couple of days ago I was filling the dishwasher. I think Aubrey thought she wanted to help. The first thing she reaches for is a butter knife, yeah so I took that away REALLY fast, closed up the dishwasher and she threw, I think, her first tantrum. I am talking fell straight to the floor, face down, screaming, crying, kicking her legs, acting as though I stole the world from her. Anyway, there are some moments throughout the day that are very trying as a mom, however now that I am thinking about this story she makes me smile and laugh again. I love our sweet Aubrey Rose. There are definitely things that she does that make me think she has my personality or Blake's, and the other day I caught her doing something that was so cute and I think she comes by it honestly. :-) She was looking out the windows at the front door, just watching, looking as though she was waiting for her friends to come. It was so precious. She was probably watching the leaves fall or even more so, cars driving by, but the way she was looking out the window, it made me think she was waiting for her friends. I just thought it was so cute. So then we had a take a couple of more pictures of my cutie pie. Enjoy!

We love Christmas time!

So I am playing a little catch up tonight on things I have been wanting to get done but haven't been able to yet. Updating my blog is one. We are all decorated for Christmas around our house. I still can't believe another year has passed us by, however Aubrey Rose reminds me on a regular basis just by looking at her that time is moving quickly. She is 9 months old, which means one year is just around the corner. That is too crazy! Decorating for Christmas will so different next year. She will be able to help....well kind of. :-) It was fun to decorate this year being in a new house. Here are some pictures of our house in the Christmas spirit.

Here is Blake and Aubrey Rose looking for our Christmas tree.

Let the festivities begin!!

We Smittcamp's LOVE any kind of party!!! And this week and weekend was filled with them. This past Wednesday night we had so much fun walking down Christmas Tree Lane with the whole Patricio family. We just LOVE the Patricio's! They make us feel like we are family, which we are so very thankful for! Then, Thursday night we had a wonderful evening spent at Bill and Linda's house. They hosted a holiday party on benefiting Children's Hospital. Their house is sooooooo very beautiful all the time, but especially this time of the year with the Christmas decorations. It was a great evening!

Friday night came quickly and we accomplished A LOT! We celebrated an early Christmas with the Penner side of the family. We had dinner at my parents house, then went Christmas caroling at a couple of people's houses, then walked through Candy Cane Lane in Clovis to see the pretty lights and the Moerman's even had SNOW on their yard! After walking through the neighborhood we went back for dessert and then we did our entertaining gift exchange. For this everyone gets to open a gift, then we take dice and if you get doubles then you can steal someones gift or if no doubles you pass the dice to the next person. People are constantly stealing...definitely craziness for 10 straight minutes! We put the timer on for 10 minutes and at the end of the buzzer everyone is stuck with what they have...good or bad. It is so much fun, especially with like 20 or so people! Here are some of the memories from the evening...

For this next picture with my sister and my mom, there must have been a camera facing the other way because she is still smiling just not looking at our camera! I love that girl!

Aunt Christy looooooves Aubrey Rose too! She is so sweet to my little girl. Thanks Christy!!!!

Some of the cousins. Jesse just can't take a serious picture.

Oh what a year does! All these guys became dads this year, and they are doing a phenomenal job at it too!!

So this was the gift Jesse was so lucky to go home with! The funny thing was, and so fitting for my brother, he chose the gift! He stole it from someone so that he could go home with this new prize possession.

Oh his lucky wife! Thanks Allie for putting up with him!

Saturday we got to experience the most beautiful party. My cousin Jon, married the most amazingly creative event planner. Andrea is so sweet to spoil close friends and family with a Christmas celebration. Blake and I were absolutely blessed to be apart of it. This was such a fun evening. Thank you so much to Jon and Andrea for such amazing hospitality and their kindness for spoiling all of us with such a beautiful evening!

And then Sunday quickly rolled around as well. It began with a fun Christmas celebration at church. It was so fun to have all the children involved. It was wear your tacky Christmas sweater. It was hilarious!

Here are all the tacky sweaters. It was a riot!

Sunday afternoon Aubrey and I had a wonderful time at Logan DeManby's 2 year old birthday party. It was at the Little Gym. Aubrey Rose LOVED all the entertainment! Thank you Travis and Katie for making us feel so special and for such a fun afternoon!

Logan, Aubrey Rose and Grace Scalzo

This is the best we could do. Logan DeManby is on the left and Taylor is in back. So fun!

You would think after a weekend like that we would be pooped. Well Blake is on his way right now to Minnesota for work and I am home still excited about my weekend while Aubrey Rose is sleeping. She is pooped. She is definitely my little trooper though! Aubrey Rose this is what, we, Smittcamp's do! And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

We have been having a wonderful time with family. Blake's sister and brother arrived with their girlfriend and boyfriend, so we are all together now. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day just laying out, relaxing, swimming, take pictures and videos of our little girl, playing basketball in the pool, eating and more eating....just another great day in Maui! For dinner we went to the Hyatt and ate at Son'z. I was shocked that Blake did not have the traditional turkey dinner, as it is his favorite, instead he chose lobster. But the turkey dinner was so yummy, as was the lobster according to Blake. We had such a fun dinner, each sharing about how each other met their significant other and where their first kiss was...we laughed a lot! We also shared what we were each thankful for. It was such a special evening.

These pictures were taken from the day before Thanksgiving. Some are from our first evening together, others are from Bradley, Michelle, Blair and Shawn arriving, and the last ones are some having fun in the pool.