Saturday, January 25, 2014

Everyday Life

Sometimes the best pictures are the moments that are captured of the everyday moments.
These first ones are so blurry but they make me smile because of the memories.
The kids were LOVING wrestling and playing with Daddy.
We have been going to a lot of Fresno State basketball games.
I love this "selfie" Blake and Austin took together.
Our little archer has been a big fan of her Christmas gift.
This was before church a couple of Sunday's ago.
We checked out a different church with my parents.
This is Aubrey Rose being the best big sissy.
She has been helping us get Austin finished up with potty training.
She is so helpful and so patient with her little brother (most of the time).  :)
A day in the life over here….
Obviously the picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago because our Christmas lights were still up, but this is a little of what our life is like over here. 
The top picture is from the morning with toys scattered all over the house and the bottom was taken the same evening.  This is when my mind is much more relaxed in a clean house.
I am sure there will be days that I miss the pitter patter of little feet around here, so I am soaking in the precious every day moments.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh this boy...

This silly boy makes us laugh...  
A LOT!  
Austin loves to wear his glasses upside down.
Not sure if they stay on better that way
or if he just prefers them flipped upside down.
Either way, it cracks me up each time.  :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 30th Lauren!

Last weekend we got to enjoy the evening with some new friends.  
We met these friends about a year ago when Aubrey Rose came home from Awana's, 
asking us if we "knew who Drew was going to marry."  
I, at that time, had no clue who "Drew" even was, 
let alone who he was going to marry.  
Aubrey proceeded to tell Blake and I, 
"He is going to marry me!"  
Oh really???!!!  
We are not okay with her already talking about marriage.  
She is only 5!!  

However, then we met Drew's parents.
They are wonderful!  We hit it off right away.
Here is Drew and Aubrey Rose.
Well, Drew's mommy turned 30 and her husband and her sister 
threw her the most adorable party.

 It was a black and white cocktail attire party.

 Here are the ladies who were at the party.  
We didn't get a picture of the guys!
Lauren has three sisters.
Here is Lauren (sitting next to me) and two of her sisters.
I would definitely love to be an adopted sister in this family.
These girls were so fun.
Or maybe even better we could have an arranged marriage for our kids.  HA!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sun Valley

The morning after Christmas, we hopped on a plane and went to Sun Valley, Idaho.
We went to celebrate Blake's sister, Blair's birthday.
She turned 25.
It was freezing cold there, with only a tiny bit of snow.
Good thing we can figure out how to have fun anywhere!  :)
The first morning we went to breakfast, the guys went skiing and then...
we went ice skating.
CC trying to figure out how to make rainbow looms (Aubrey Rose's new Christmas gift).
When you cross the street in Sun Valley, you take these orange flags 
and hold them until you get to the other side of the street.
Daddy and Austin….matching sunglasses.
For Blair's birthday dinner, we went out for some yummy sushi.
Mimi is always so prepared.
She brought sunglasses for the birthday fun.
The next day the five of us went skiing…
A little bit of play time in the snow.

Just barely enough snow to make her "snow fairy"
Aubrey took some ski classes and this was the mountain she tackled.  
By the end of our time here, she loved to ski.
Next time we hope there will be more snow!
One of our favorite pics from the trip!
A little shuffle board action on our last night out on the town in Sun Valley.
It was Blake and Brad against Bill and I.  
Blake is just TOO good at that shuffleboard!!
The game started the evening off good though.
Above is really how we are, but we can let loose every now and then.  HA!
Last day.
Aubrey had another ski class.
Daddy and Uncle Brad went skiing,
while the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed our last day before reality set back in.
We ended the kids day with some epic tube fun.
The kids absolutely loved it.

The next morning, it was time to go home.  :(
Sweet, cold memories to last a lifetime!