Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Eve night we went to a wonderful service at People's Church and after they had these adorable vignettes prepared with photographers to take photos of each family.  I wish I had the original on this computer, but you can get the idea.
After dinner we went home and put cookies out for Santa 
and sprinkled reindeer food out on the grass. :)
On Christmas morning, 
Aubrey Rose was soooooo excited Santa got her the two things she wanted.
Belle doll to sleep with and a bow and arrow.  
I have no idea why a bow and arrow.  
She got the idea while looking in a kids toy magazine 
and it stuck for a good month or more before Christmas.  
She would ask for it constantly.  
She loves it!!
Then, we went over to Blake's parents house. 
Here is our little girl who has now lost a total of FOUR teeth
and these days her favorite song is,
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."  :)
Fresh squeezed orange juice and monkey bread.
Yep, it's officially Christmas morning!!  :)
 HAHA!  Blake liked his shirt.
Blake's parents tree is even prettier in person!
After a family picture, we were ready to open up presents.
We got matching polka dotted pj's
 The boys got matching pi's with skiers on them.
 We are BIG Sequence fans!  
Now we can all play at our own homes!
 Oh, this one melts my heart.  
Love these two together, especially when they are puttering around on Big Papa's antique train.
 They love their Auntie BB!!  

The fox slippers were a hit!  HA!
 So were this boys new cars!  :)
 Not sure who liked this gift the most…
the little one who the gift was for or the one who was teaching him how to use it.  HA!
The following morning we left for ski trip to Sun Valley!
More to come!