Friday, December 13, 2013

Family pictures

We had family pictures taken recently.  These pictures are such a blessing to have.  We took them at Blake's grandparents house.  A sweet friend blessed us by taking these pictures for us.  I highly recommend Stacy Marini Photography!  She is so great to work with and she loves Jesus.  :)
I can't believe these kids are ours.  When did they get so big?  Thank you Stacy for freezing this moment in time.  If you want to see me melt, just show me this picture below.  :)
This boy is going to cause me problems later in life, I am sure.  
All he wants to do is give kisses and hugs.
And same for this little girl.  I am sure she is going to cause trouble too.  However, she is the most thoughtful and caring friend to so many.  I have been down a little with just a chest cold lately.  This girl delivers me cough drops all day and asks me multiple times in the day if I am feeling better.  
 Aubrey Rose has lost FOUR teeth already.  These pictures were before she lost her front teeth.  Her smile is sooooo different almost every day!  All she keeps singing is "All I Want for Christmas is my two front teeth."  :)