Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOVE swim lessons!

Not only is it a blessing to watch your child learn more, it is a huge bonus to enjoy friendships at the same time! I am going to miss swim lessons!

When the pool is near, it is tough to get these girls to stay still! Ha! Here is Audrey, Aubrey Rose, Taylor and Peyton at swim lessons. So fun! Audrey and Aubrey Rose...oh, that scrunchy nose smile again. That girl. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dodgeball league is in full effect again this year at The Well. My brother and cousins are playing this time. It is INTENSE!! I would be scared too if I were you. Good thing I am not playing. Ha! :)

Tell me...do they not look scary?!! Wouldn't you be scared to play against them?!! When you have Penner in your blood, you are automatically good. :) Okay, maybe not automatically, but they are naturals. See...they are not really scary. Okay, maybe just my brother. :) This is Chelsey and Jeremy. Their mom and my dad are brother and sister. LOVE my cousins!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays...Everywhere!

We have celebrated some VERY special people the last couple weeks. I am soooooooo thankful each one of you were born!!! :) Cheers to MANY more years of celebrating special birthdays!

Happy Birthday MomMom!! (Blake's grandma) We went to Giovanni's for lunch. So cute there!

Happy Birthday MIMI!!! We had Blake's family over for dinner and I even made THE family birthday cake all on my own. Tasted yummy, but Linda still holds the crown on this one. :) Natalie's bday at Campagnia's...yummy!!Ashley and Jessica's bdaysOur hubby's...Garrett, Blake and Travis My wonderful friend Jo-Linda turned 30! Even though we didn't get to be at all of fun that night, I loved being apart of the special memories. WE LOVE YOU!! Happy Birthday Jo!!
Jo-Linda's tablescape....sooooo pretty! We had a great night celebrating Ashley and Christina's birthdays. It felt like it had been a while since we got all our families together. It was so fun! Loved it. Happy Birthday Ashley and Christina!!
Taylor and Aubrey Rose playing Pretty, Pretty Princess.After a little swim... CAKE TIME!!
We also celebrated my sister's birthday! This was at my parents house. Happy Birthday Christy! Aubrey Rose wanted to wear her princess dress for Auntie Christy
Oma having fun with her little girl
Allie, myself, Christy and Chelsey (my cousin)

Uncle Aaron, Auntie Christy and Aubrey Rose being silly with the napkin rings. HA!!

Happy, happy birthday to all our June babies!! What a blessing each one of you are in our lives! We LOVE you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gifts that come naturally...

Uncle Aaron and Auntie Christy (my sis) were so sweet to call and ask if Aubrey Rose could come over and play. One of my favorite things about this call was not only that they were asking to have her come over, but also because I knew Aubrey Rose would learn new things at their house. I love that. We are all gifted at different things. Different things come natural to you or to me, which might not feel natural for others.

Uncle Aaron is AWESOME at cleaning his car and my sister's (isn't that so sweet!) on a regular basis. Even in college, he would take his bucket of water out to his car at the dorms and make sure his car was clean on a weekly basis. See what I am telling you???!! Praise the LORD for family and friends who regularly invest time into our little girl. :)
Aubrey Rose helping clean Aunt Christy's car

Thanks Uncle Aaron for being so sweet to Aubrey Rose!
When I picked her up, it was as if her thoughts were flying in her mind, yet the words couldn't slip off her tongue fast enough for everything she wanted to tell me. Even before we turned off their street, she was saying, "Bubbles, wa-wa, vroooooooom, clean, clean...wa-wa, bubbles, Titi (what she calls my sister), vrooooom." She loved it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money well spent!

Aubrey Rose has completed six swim classes. We have four more classes to go! Blake was shocked when he came home to watching Aubrey jump off the side and swim to the steps all by herself. Aubrey Rose is 2 years and 3 months old. Crazy how fast time flies!! Here is a little video overload! I couldn't decide on my favorite, so I included them all! HA!

Once she got comfortable with the last jump, she decided to go up two steps and jump from the top of the spa.

And then even a little further!

After we put her flipper back on, she was right back at it!

Money well spent for sure!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yeah a BOY!!

Back tracking a little, but I couldn't pass up a sweet shower I was blessed to be apart of. We threw a baby BOY shower for our wonderful friend Jessica. What a special day to be apart of. Praise the Lord for little Brody Kade!! We love him to pieces already! These were the girls who helped throw the shower...Natalie, Jessica, Ashley, Jen, myself and Katie
Katie and Jen

Sweet sisters... Gift time...
Prayer time...
Katie, Jess, and Jen
All of us girls met Jessica from a Mom's small group at our church. I was pregnant with Aubrey Rose when we met. Praise the Lord for friendships like these!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't wait for our next Cousin Day!

What a fun day! We baked an Apple Pie, hunted for Ants and created our own Ants. We also learned about Noah’s Ark and the animals! We read a Bible story together and the challenge for all of us was to love and obey God, just like Noah did when he built the Ark. Such simple stories. Simple lessons. What HUGE impacts on us today and for our next generations. Love it.
All good things must come to an end. I guess our fun Cousin Day had to end sometime as well. :( Our day of learning about the letter A, ended with a race through the tunnels. Okay, okay, there was no race involved, just two mommies who love to see their children smile and laugh and even more so, get the expressions documented in a picture.
We can’t wait until our next Cousin Day! Can you guess what the theme will be???
You got it! The letter B!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A is for Ant craft time!

During our Cousin Day, we were learning about the letter A. A is for Ant! In keeping with our "A" theme, we created Ants out of egg cartons!
They painted their ants.

Then, added eyes to the Ants.
Here is their Ant masterpiece!
Then, we had lunch on our Animal plates! PB&J sandwiches shaped as an A, Ants on a log, and Applesauce! At lunch time, the Apple pie came out of the oven!!

Our fun Cousin Day, made me realize I should probably invest in things that are not just girlie and pink. Oops! Sorry Christopher! :)
Such a FUN day!!!