Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Water Basketball

Not sure if my brother and cousins are good influences on Blake OR...well...let's just continue with the fun memories. :) Lately, water basketball has been a HUGE hit around here. The guys have even been talking about creating tournaments, traveling to each people's pool just so the teams can have home court advantage. Oh geez. :) All I know is they LOOOOOVE it! It is quite entertaining to watch. This game took place at my brother's house.

It gets incredibly intense. No rules. No fouls. Just crazy, intense the pool. At break time, even Aubrey Rose gets to play! Auntie Allie and Aubrey Rose
Whether it takes time away from being at home, or time away from the things we should probably be busy with, we are making memories to last a lifetime and we are having fun with family. We will just look at it as a win, win.