Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peach Party!!

Last Friday night, we had our annual Peach Party in downtown Clovis at the Farmer's Market. This is definitely a highlight for the Smittcamp Family and Wawona! At our booth, we sell and hand out samples of our frozen fruit products. It is a wonderful event for our community and it is an honor to be apart of! And of course, a perfect opportunity for a fun family picture! Below is Blake's family that I am BLESSED to be apart of!
Here we are with his parents, brother and sister
Blake, Aubrey Rose and I
The Smittcamp girls
Aubrey Rose and I looking like we are "helping" Daddy with the heavy boxes. :)
For so many years, we have had sweet friends come out and enjoy the evening with us. Friends from high school...Jo-Linda, Katie and myself
and our kids between us three girls. You can probably figure out Aubrey Rose is mine. :) The girls are Katie's and the boys are Jo-Linda's.
The Alfaro's
The Donnelly's
Look at how we have quickly multiplied! Where has time gone???

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lunch time fun

I praise the Lord on a regular basis for Blake's work being no more than two minutes away from our home. (No exaggeration.) If he hits the one light just right, he might even make it under a minute. :) LOVE it!! One of the biggest blessings from this, is he is able to come home for most lunches.
The other day, Blake even had a few extra minutes to play cars with Aubrey Rose.

Daddy made some roads for the cars with tape... Oh, Aubrey Rose was lovin' life!

Sometimes it was kind of difficult to understand the concept that just the cars were supposed to be on the streets. Aubrey REALLY giggled when the cars had to find different routes to get back onto the main highways. On another day, Daddy decided to eat his lunch with Aubrey Rose at her little table.
LOVE lunch times with Daddy!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Salinas Rodeo

The Salinas Rodeo will forever hold a special place in the Smittcamp's heart! Blair (Blake's sister) was Miss California Rodeo Salinas 2008. What a dream come true! We definitely celebrated! Then last year, she helped crown the 2009 winner and this year we returned for more Salinas fun.
Blair was apart of all the Grand Entries for each day of the Rodeo. These are all past Queens. What an honor!
There's Blair on the far left!!

The 2009 and the new 2010 Miss CA Rodeo Salinas

Friday night at the Salinas Rodeo...
and with Daddy
On Saturday, Mimi and Big Papa were so sweet to let Aubrey Rose ride the horses...
Oh, she LOOOOOVED it!
Then, Mimi spoiled our girl with everything she wanted. Aubrey Rose wanted a pink hat and it HAD to be pink! With a little outfit change, she became our little pink cowgirl! Thanks Mimi!!!
We had to take a picture with OUR Queen!
Most of the family!
Our little family...
Daddy was EXCELLENT dancing entertainment if Aubrey Rose ever got antsy at all during the 4 hour rodeo. No nap on these days! No worries...on fun days like these, you can just sleep later!
Time for the Sunday Rodeo!

Blake, Aubrey Rose and Uncle Brad
On Sunday, Daddy took Aubrey Rose through their carnival area. It was free to get in and free to do EVERY activity!
Her favorite was the slide. Blake asked her, "Do you want Daddy to go down with you?" What do you think she said?? NOPE! This is how she likes to go down...
There were all kinds of fun games.
She even won a prize at the end. Go figure a pink bouncy ball. Pretty much anything pink wins all these days!

The Salinas Rodeo is phenomenal. Before I dated Blake, I had never been to a rodeo and I remember going to my first one wondering what I was doing. I LOVE Clovis' Rodeo! If you live here, I sure hope you have experienced it! But, if you have gone to ANY rodeo, you would never see the rodeo the same after going to the Salinas Rodeo. It is the biggest in California. As I said before, it is absolutely phenomenal! Non-stop entertainment!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We recently went to Playland with some friends. Oh my goodness, Aubrey Rose loved this day! She was blessed to be able to ride a bunch of the rides, including the train. She is still saying, "All Aboard!" on a regular basis. It cracks me up each time she says it. We can't wait to go back! Thanks Jo for the invite!!!

Playland has a water park there that Aubrey Rose absolutely loved. We will definitely be returning soon!!
Thanks Katie and Jo-Linda for spending the day with us! We can't get enough of our time with you and your adorable kiddos! Love you guys!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Definitely a summer highlight!

One of our highlights this summer so far, definitely was swim lessons. We are all done with them now, but I still had some pictures I wanted to post. As I mentioned in a previous post, swim lessons was worth every penny we spent! We LOVED it!
Us three moms were blessed to be able to coordinate to have our classes at the same time. Here is Katie, Ashley and myself with our kiddos.

It was a BIG bonus when Daddy got to come watch Aubrey Rose at her lesson.
Aubrey had 10 (30 min) private lessons. Below is Brooke. She was Aubrey Rose's instructor. We LOVED her! She gave her hugs, fives, kisses, so much encouragment, yet pushed her in ways I really don't think I could do as her mommy. LOVED Brooke! Aubrey Rose was a HUGE fan of her too! She would wake up and beg to go see Miss Brooke! So sweet!

Aubrey Rose LOVED jumping off the diving board. Now she does it at home all the time too! Similar to the videos I posted earlier now she has taken it a step further and jumps off the diving board into our deep end, then swims to the steps by herself. She loved the slide too! They had an adorable awards ceremony where Taylor and Aubrey Rose received medals for being "Jan Thomas' Newest Champion Swimmer!"
We already miss swim lessons, but we really miss having something on a regular basis that we get to see these friends! Already can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer BBQ's

Here are a few pics from a little summer bbq we had with my family. One of my cousins and his family came into town for the weekend, so we took advantage and got together. There were definitely a lot of family we missed seeing that night, but we had a pretty good turn out for only a two day notice! HA!!

This is Aubrey Rose and my brother Jesse
Aubrey Rose eating peaches. Good thing she is a HUGE fan of them!!
My cousin's wonderful wives...Becca and Arris (with Arris and David's little one Jadon)

Some of the guys starting from the left...David (cousin), Eric (Allie's dad), Jeremy (cousin), Blake and my brother Jesse
Darlene (Allie's mom), and cousins Jeremy, Chelsey and Becca
Aubrey Rose and my mom
These three got in a little water b-ball too!
Times like these make me miss all our Canada family!!! We sure are blessed though to live so close to these ones!!!