Tuesday, July 13, 2010

C is for...

I think I have made you wait long enough! Sorry for holding out on you. :)
That picture was our Cousin Day and we were learning about the Letter C!! C is for COWS!!! Our sweet friends own a dairy and they were sooooooooo sweet to take us around and give us a tour. This wasn't school just for the 2 year olds! Andrea and I learned a TON!! Thanks so much Trav and Jess!!!
Below is a picture of the milking room. (I am sure they have some fancy name for it, but that is the easiest way for me to describe it. Don't forget, we are peach farmers! HA!)

They ABSOLUTELY LOVED every second of this day! Aubrey Rose is still talking about it. So precious!
Baby calf born the night before!

The kiddos got to pick out their own number. They loved it! Tori and Macey are on the left. They are the sweetest little girls. Love the WHOLE family!
Macey and Aubrey Rose At what point does fear start to come into play with children?
Sometimes, Aubrey Rose makes me wonder what it will take.
Christopher and Aubrey Rose "drove" the tractor.
Then, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate milk for a snack. Yummy!
Andrea and Christopher

Aubrey Rose's boots gave her blisters. (She is still talking about those too.)
Then, Mr. Travis gave them REAL tractor rides!
They were so cute when we were leaving. We asked them to give each other hugs to say bye and they all just gave a group hug. LOVE these kiddos!!
One thing about these Cousin Days that is just the cherry on top, is how adorable Christopher and Aubrey Rose's bond is becoming. So precious!! I can not wait to see what it will be like by the time we get to Z!!! Such a blessing! Family and wonderful friends!
The cows were obviously the highlight of our "C" day. We did do a craft and we made a cross and our lunch did start with C too, but the cows took center stage as evident in our pictures here.
Thank you sooooooooooo much Trav and Jess for taking us around the dairy. We can not thank you enough for blessing us and blessing our kids with such special memories. Love you guys!!!

D is just around the corner! This time, we are hoping to be able to include the DADDIES too!