Friday, August 27, 2010


Aunt Christy (Titi as Aubrey Rose calls her) and Uncle Aaron were so sweet to watch Aubrey Rose recently. Right before bedtime, Christy (my sister) caught on video an entertaining "performance" of Aubrey Rose playing on their piano.

Some disclosures before you watch (or else you might not understand anything of what she is saying.) :) The first couple names you will understand...Dadda, Mommy, but then she gets faster with her names. Next, is Aaron, then Titi (Christy), then Auba (which is the nickname she has created for herself). The rest you will be able to figure out. Enjoy!

What do you think??? Any potential???

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brooke's BRIDAL shower!!

It has been a while since I have been to a BRIDAL shower! Not only was I excited to witness the the wedding excitement and bridal bliss again, it was also for one of my dear, dear friends. She helped me so much during our wedding season and was also there at the hospital the morning Aubrey Rose was born. Brooke is such a wonderful friend and a perfect example of a girl who waited for God's perfect timing and His perfect plan for her life. She is FINALLY gets to be a BRIDE! :)
We threw this shower at my parents home. Brooke has kind of become adopted into the Penner family. She often comes to our family holiday get togethers. She is definitely part of our family. LOVE her!! And we LOVE her fiance!!

Matt and Brooke (We asked him to make a guest appearance!) :)
Some of the details of the shower...

Brooke LOVES to cook, so we did a little cooking theme. My mom made crepes for everyone and then at the tables were all the toppings you could choose from. They were DELICIOUS!!
The pretty and delicious fruit options!
The hosts of the shower (with the bride)...Myself, my mom, Brooke, my sister Christy and sister in law Allie.
Brooke, Darlene (Allie's mom) and Allie
My mom, Brooke, myself and my sister Christy
Brooke with her sister and mom
Sweet girlfriends from church

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Events Divine

My cousin Andrea owns a company called Events Divine. She began Events Divine in 2003 on a whim and has been very successful in both corporate and private events ever since. Her business is growing rapidly and we were blessed to be apart of the festivities of Events Divine Grand Opening of their downtown office location.
I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments!!! God has blessed her with INCREDIBLE talent!!! I am blessed to call her a friend and FAMILY! You might recognize us four from our Cousin Days. Here we are out in front of Events Divine new location in downtown Fresno.
We made it a family affair since it was my mom's birthday! Here is myself, my mom and my sister.
Some of the crowd that was waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
They had a red carpet, umbrellas, benches, chairs, and of course the most beautiful decor...every touch was perfectly done.
This downtown office has these perfect preview windows out in front. My pictures just don't do these justice! The decor was breathtaking! (Especially for me who LOVES any decor details!) Even Christopher got to help with the official ribbon cutting! After the ribbon cutting cocktails, wine, drinks, appetizers and desserts were served. Again, it is quite obvious Events Divine has INCREDIBLE and CREATIVE talent!!
(By the way, the next three pictures as well as the picture above of my mom, sis and I were taken by the talented Suzanne Nielsen Photography.)
The perfectly, simple, yet elegant tablescapes.

The food presentation was phenomenal...
Everything I tasted was amazing!!

Then, the entertainment...A Touch of Class donated a limo for the Grand Opening.
Oh, these two had fun dancing to the music in the extra stretch limo. So fun!
How cute is this picture of these two??? I think they love being cousins!
If you are looking for help planning an upcoming event, whether your occasion is the smallest of private parties to large corporate productions (even children's parties!), Events Divine is your contact!! Guarantee you will be glad you did!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Movie!!

This morning we had a fun, special outing. Regal Cinemas offer FREE family videos for the summers. This is actually the LAST week! At Edwards Cinema (and the Manchester location too) the movie starts at 10 am and will be shown tomorrow and Thursday (in case you want to go). I would highly recommend the movie and it is FREE entertainment!!
It was a PERFECT movie for our little toddlers. The middle got a little slow (you could tell all the kiddos were getting a little antsy), but all in all it was adorable.

Some of us meeting up at the movies today was happenstance! I love that when that happens! Between us four girls (Jessica, Ashley, myself and Kim) we have 7 GIRLS (2 little ones stayed home this time) plus little Brody! That is A LOT of pink! HA!

After the movie the girls got to pick out a treat at the candy store. Of course they all wanted a PINK one! Oh my goodness!

Not sure where you are from, but here is the link to see if your home town offers FREE movies. But, just remember this is the LAST week! Click HERE!

Ahhhh, the memories...

I recently found this picture on one of our wedding vendor's websites. I get giddy when vendors STILL have pictures on their website of our wedding since it feels like it was forever ago. Ahhhh, the wonderful memories of that AMAZING day. So many times I wish I could live that day over again. It feels like it was just yesterday that Blake and I walked into our wedding reception and danced under that unbelievable tent.

Blake and I during our First Dance at our wedding. Takes my breath away just thinking about that moment!!

Oh, what sweet memories of such a phenomenal day!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Lately one of Aubrey Rose's favorite things to do is to "WORK!" She LOVES to work in the yard, around the house, or even when she uses the phone she tells me she is "working."
However, the tricky part is to getting her to want to "work" when I need her to work. :)
Here is Aubrey Rose "working" (actually PLAYING with dirt, but she called it "work") while Daddy was truly working hard digging and making the yard look pretty. Love the weekends we get to spend together at home!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Peach Tree

Blake's family business is Wawona Frozen Foods. Wawona manufactures fresh frozen fruit products for food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurants and resorts, supermarkets, and schools. We often have people ask us where they can find our products. Many supermarkets locally, including Costco, as well as all across North America carry Wawona's frozen products.
However, if you live in California, especially in the Fresno/Clovis area, you get special treatment! Wawona has an adorable fruit stand which is located across the street from Buchanan High School's football stadium. Blake's mom runs this little stand.
It is called The Peach Tree!

See...I told you it was super cute!

Aubrey Rose wants to give you a little tour of where she might work one day.

You can come for delicious, fresh peaches...
which is the most popular sale at The Peach Tree.
However, Aubrey Rose wants to show some of the other products!

Come on in!!
The inside of the store has our frozen products, as well as other specialty items like peach salsa(YUM, YUM!!!), homemade jelly and bbq sauce.
Here is just some of what you will find in the freezers inside!!
Our delicious frozen products...
Let us know if you want Aubrey Rose to meet you to help pick you out the best looking peach!

Best way to eat a peach??? Definitely double fisting! YUM, YUM!!

What do you think???? Do you think Aubrey Rose is ready to work at The Peach Tree or should we maybe wait until she is 3?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Worthy of honor

Recently, our home town has received some national coverage. I read this article and it made me so proud to live in this town, to have graduated from this high school and to have known some of these fallen soldiers.

Buchanan High School, Blake and my high school alma mater, lost another graduate last month fighting for our country. That marks seven soldiers, which is the most of ANY school in all of California. The author writes about our "extraordinarily patriotic community." I couldn't agree more. I also could not be more proud. What an honor.

To read the article that was published in the LA Times, click HERE!

Friday, August 6, 2010


You might remember when the peanut butter attacked me a while back. Now, look what the spaghetti did.
No least I did not have to clean it up! HAHAHA!!