Monday, August 2, 2010

Our little cousin preschool :)

We have made it to the Letter D! We are already onto planning E! I have been getting some questions about our little cousin preschool days, so I thought I would just chat about it on here. Who knows you might have had the same questions. :)

Are we going to go all the way to Z??
Our answer: WHO KNOWS???? God knows...that is for sure!!! We have talked that we sure hope we won't have to get all the way to Z by the time we add more cousins to the mix! HA! Hint, hint...FAMILY!! :)

You must take so much time planning these days?!!
Actually type in Letter A or Letter B or whatever you are looking for into the search engine on the Internet and you might be just like me...soooooooooo impressed with how easy it is to find ideas. Andrea and I just email our ideas of what we have found and then we pick out our favorites and start pulling the details together. The planning really does not take long and especially when doing it with a friend, it takes half the work away already!

How do you split the tasks?
Once we plan together what crafts, lessons, meals, etc we are going to do, we usually split up the duties with one person bringing the food and the other handles the crafts. It has worked out GREAT! And you will notice it really is not that much to handle when the duties are cut in half!

You must be together all day to accomplish all that!!
Just remember we are working with 2 year olds here. Attention spans are not too long, so each craft is done pretty quick. We ususally get together from about 9am to 1pm. After that we are ALL ready for a nap. HA!

Is it helping???
I am continually amazed at how much Aubrey Rose picks up from each of our days we have spent together. Aubrey Rose did not recognize the specific letters before we began. I think the most entertaining thing for me is she knows A, B and now D. For some reason she skips over C. I think because we didn't REALLY teach the letter C, but we had the BEST days visiting the COWS!! Oh well, she did learn that cows make milk, what a baby calf is, how fun the dairy can be and so much more. She is constantly asking to go see Macey and Tor-Tor and their "Mooooooo Cows!" Wonderful memories, with so many more to come I am sure!
I told Andrea last time I get giddy, like Christmas morning, when these days come around. I am blessed to be doing this with someone that feels the same. The kids LOVE it! We love it!! And most importantly, the our little ones are learning! Such a blessing!!!

Here is a sneak peak into the Letter D! More to come!!
Digging in the Dirt for "D" treasures!
We learned about how Daniel was faithful to pray no matter what came his way.
Dirt Cups
Oh yeah!! The Daddy's came for lunch time and we had a DADDY DANCE PARTY!! HA!
Fed the fun!

Just hang in there. As I said before, there is more to come. In the meantime, if you have any other questions OR IDEAS for other letters, we are open to them!


Karen said...

I've got a question that wasn't answered: does this make you want to homeschool?