Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letter F...Finished!

Visiting the fire department, making the letter f with "fire" tissue, and creating their own fish aquarium were all big hits among our two little ones. However, they were even bigger fans the of the rest of what we had planned for that day. This is probably because it involved being outside and eating food. :)

For our next fun activity, we made Foot prints! They helped pour the paint onto the plate. We started with painting their feet.We quickly found it to be more productive to just put their feet directly in the paint (especially when they were wanting to do it more, more, more)! Then, they ran, ran, ran along the paper. Oh, they loved it! Andrea and I are going to use the footprint paper for wrapping paper! I can't wait to see it all wrapped up with a cute bow. So fun!

The next activity, we have done before with the Letter D, except this time we used a different texture. We used beans rather than dirt. (In case you try this one, I would recommend doing it on cement where you can just sweep up the beans that fall to the floor. We did it on the grass and it was quite difficult to clean up.) Aubrey Rose and Christopher LOVED this activity again!
Their goal was to Find things that began with the Letter F. (The little objects in the small part of the table is what they had already found.) Fish, Four, fence, fox, fork, feather, the letter F and more were all hidden for them to find.
Aubrey Rose was waving the feather she found in the air.
Oh, they entertained themselves for quite awhile. And made quite a mess too!
Then, time for a FANCY, FANCY meal.
This was our FANCY, french fries and fruit.
This was soooooooo stinkin' adorable.
And they even used FANCY cups. So FUN!!

Letter F is FINISHED!! Next up is G!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter F

We first visited the Fresno Fire Department to kick off our Letter F day.
Our first craft, continued with our "fire" theme. We began with showing them a flame and we let them blow it out maybe a dozen times each. HA! They loved that!
Then, we took tissue paper and we all ripped it to be in small pieces. This was a perfect project for these 2 year olds. They loved ripping the tissue and I think it helped them enjoy the next step even more.
Then, they glued the tissue on their letter f.

Finished product...F is for FIRE!
Then, we made their own fish aquarium.
Pour some water in the bowl...
Add the blue Jello mix...
Stir it all up...
Pour into cups and let it chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.
After the Jello has stiffened we let them add the fish to their fish aquarium. Oh, they loved this.
We asked them if their fish smelt "fishy."
Fish Aquarium snack
They LOVED to look at their fish "swimming"

I will finish up the Letter F tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our newest love...

How is it that I have been blogging lately almost every day and yet I still have like 6 or 7 events I am behind on?!! I haven't even blogged about our fun time in Vegas last month!! Geez!! Hopefully I will get to all of it someday!! :)

Today I want to share something REALLY special and incredibly exciting!!

Although Aubrey Rose is not showing her trademark smile in this picture, she is excited to share our big news!

I am almost 20 weeks along. At the halfway mark. Whew!! We are not finding out the baby's sex. We did not find out with Aubrey Rose as well. All the months of waiting patiently was worth EVERY SECOND when I heard "It's a girl!" and I got to hold my little girl in my arms instantly at that moment. I am so anxious for that moment again. And on top of that feeling, having it be a surprise for all of our friends and family makes it even more sweet. Oh, I can not wait. We are due right around Valentine's Day. Blake and I have talked about how funny it would be if we have a St. Patty's day baby (Aubrey Rose) and then a Valentine's Day baby. HA!! What are the chances?!!

No matter what day this baby arrives, here is our newest little love....

Monday, September 27, 2010


I can not let last week just slip on by without mentioning one of the highlights of the week! I am a BIG fan of Dancing With The Stars. And my girlfriend, Christina, received 4 tickets to watch the show LIVE! Oh, I was BEYOND THRILLED when she called to invite me. We did a little day trip to Hollywood and we were able to experience the DWTS season premiere last Monday. It was the BEST day!!

We started the morning with being interviewed by Mario Lopez on Extra. Talk about right place at the right time! So fun!! We were able to sit right behind the judges!! They are all super nice, especially Carrie Ann and Bruno. Bruno cracks a lot jokes with the audience through out the show. Carrie Ann is just super sweet, asking questions and talking with the audience and Len is pretty much all business. So fun to watch all of this in action!!!
There are NO cameras and NO cell phones allowed in the DWTS filming room. This is a picture of us after at The Grove. We also got to see Michael Bolton in concert! What a long, but incredibly EXCITING day!! Christina did a post on our fun day too. You can check it out HERE!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peachy Fruit

Does this look like a peach to you???? It does to Aubrey Rose! HA! Lately, Aubrey Rose has been calling most fruits "peach." We will be having a snack of an apple and Aubrey Rose will say, "More peach, please."
Since we are peach farmers...#1 I think it is perfectly appropriate (and adorable) coming from a 2 year old and #2 Is it okay that I do not correct her?? HA!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Balloon Fun

What a fun memory. I haven't watched the hot air balloons go up since I was a little girl. Now we are taking our little girl. She LOVED it. No smile in this picture to prove it, but when we left she told Blake, "That was fun Dad-da."

She thought it was loud.

Friday, September 24, 2010

BEST Mimi and BEST Big Papa EVER!

Aubrey Rose has been over to Mimi and Big Papa's house a couple of times this week. They spoil her over there with TONS of love and attention. :)
One of Aubrey Rose's favorite things to do at their house is to be with the horses. I LOVE this sweet picture of these two (or four actually counting Mia and Rio)! :)

Last night, Aubrey Rose got SPECIAL treatment over there. She got her FIRST mani/pedi from Mimi!!! But, that is not all...BIG Papa let her paint HIS toes too!!! HA!!! I think this little girl has wrapped her way around both Mimi and Big Papa's heart. Sooooooo precious!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

F is for....

FIRE!!! To kick off the Letter F Andrea, Christopher, Aubrey Rose and myself were able to visit the Fresno Fire Department.

Christopher and Aubrey Rose got to drive the fire truck...

Try on the fireman boots... Shoot water from the fire hose.... And they did plenty of inspecting. They even received a Fire Safety coloring book and crayons! What a fun adventure to kick off learning about the Letter F!

Stay tuned for more FUN things we did together to learn about the Letter F!