Monday, May 19, 2008

Aubrey Rose travels to CANADA!!

Although the circumstances were sad with my Grandmas passing, Aubrey Rose experienced her first, of hopefully many trips, to Canada. She was so much fun to travel with. She was quite the attention getter! Not only with our family, but anywhere we went. The stewardists were like our best friends all of a sudden. And she was quite the hit in Canada too! It was so fun to introduce her to all of our family and to show her the Canadian life. She even got to experience Tim Hortons. She slept through the whole experience, but we have a picture to prove she was there. (Tim Hortons, for all you Americans, :-) is the famous Canadian coffee/donut shop there. You see them there almost as often as you see Starbucks here. )
One of the most special moments was introducing her to Grandpa. To see him smile as he just watched every move she made, brought tears to my eyes. And for her to also meet my Oma (my mom's mom) was such a joy. She loved holding her, talking to her and just looking at her. Oma already had a bunch of pictures of Aubrey up in her apartment. It was such a memorable trip. We can't wait to go back! I love it there!

Such a special, special grandma!

My Grandma Penner recently passed away. We already miss her so much, but we sure are proud of the life she lived and the lessons she taught us. She was such a special lady, with the biggest heart for her family. She made each one of us always feel like we were her favorite. We have the best memories of her and are so thankful for the light she brought to this world. Not only is she in a much better place, she is also living every day with her daughter, my Aunt Rose!! How fun that would be! Here are some fun pictures of her. I love this picture of her and my grandpa. And the one of her playing with the nerf gun, was such a fun memory. She was trying to aim at this little toy soldier guy at the top of the balcony. She was so cute trying to be the first one to hit it. She kept trying over and over and laughing with all of us. She could brighten up any room!

Aubrey is two months old!

Aubrey Rose is two months old now. She is growing up so fast. Each day is even better than the day before and the day before we didn't think life could get better. If ever we are away from her, the reunion feels like we haven't seen her in a year, even though it might have only been an hour. Being parents is the best feeling in the world! Actually, being parents of Aubrey Rose is the best feeling in the world. We love it! And we love her soooooooooo much!

Kentucky Derby Party!

On May 3, 2008 we enjoyed a wonderful "Derby Down" party benefiting the Children's Hospital. We had so much fun! The setting was just beautiful and it was a wonderful mix of friends. The weather was perfect and the entertainment was fantastic. Socializing, browsing the cute boutiques, bidding on the silent auction items, putting for charity, betting on the Kentucky Derby horse races and enjoying wonderful was a wonderful afternoon! Thank you Bill and Linda for inviting us!!