Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little update, not much :)

Sorry for the lack of posts!   I don't have too much to update you on.  Just normal life going on over here.  You know breakfast, laundry, clean up, Austin naps, Daddy home for lunch, clean up, more laundry, both kids nap, clean up more, dinner, clean up again, more laundry, kids to bed, clean up some more and do it all again tomorrow.  :) Then, of course there is preschool here and there, tumble class, bible study, grocery shopping, family time, sweet friends, errands, etc!!!  Goodness!!  Tired yet?  I am.  :)
I do realize I haven't updated anything for 2012, so I have to at least share a couple of pictures.

Here is a picture of us from New Years...
We officially have a walker on our hands.  Austin is walking all over the house.  He is definitely a little wobbly, which is absolutely adorable, but we hardly ever see him crawl anymore. 
 In the midst of it all we have managed to have a little bit of fun every now and then.  :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aubrey's tree

Aubrey Rose sure is blessed with her grandmas.  :)  One day we get to make gingerbread houses with Mimi.  Then, a different day...
Oma brought over a tree to decorate for her room.  
Even Auntie Allie helped string the pink garland.  :)

Then the next day Aubrey Rose got a box in the mail addressed to her.
It was a PINK tree from my sister, Auntie Christy!!! Thank you Auntie Titi!!
Aubrey Rose LOVED having her room decorated too!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas fun

Before I get started on 2012, there were a couple more Christmas memories to share.
Making a gingerbread house with Mimi

The final product!!  So cute!!

When we are at Mimi's house, one of Austin's favorite places to play is under this table.
And go figure...Aubrey Rose collects all the pink ones.  :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Penner family Christmas

The day after Christmas we continued the fun with my extended family.  I promise there were a ton more people than I proof of here, but at least I have some of the fun memories documented!
My sweet cousin Chelsey and Austin
The twins (almost) Austin and my cousin Jeremy
Here are our little cousins at Christmas 2010...
Look at little Jedidiah in the red elf hat!  He was so tiny!
Now in 2011, here they are youngest to oldest.  Jed now is no longer the baby, he is older than Austin and Symphony!  Crazy!  Time flies.

Sweet, little Symphony
 What started with Jesse taking his little boy for a ride,
 Ended with Austin on top, Christopher and Aubrey Rose on the sides, riding all around the house!  HA!
We made our Oma's Zweibach (bread rolls).  I am so glad you know how to make them now Mom!  :)
 This is our life these days.  There is always someone needing our attention.  Ever feel that way too?  :)
 Chelsey and Jon look like a couple.  They are not.  HA!  They are definitely cousins.  :)
Two years in row, Jeremy scored on the pirate ship.  Too bad there was not gold in it!! 
At least there were smiles later.  :)
Speaking of smiles, I LOVE seeing my dad smile.  And a BIG smile at that.
Wish I had more pictures, but at least we have these!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

This was such a different Christmas for us.  Our agenda was a little more mellow.  For Christmas we usually go from home to home with at least four stops and three outfit changes.  This year we spent Christmas at Blake's parents home and then we my parents home, wearing the same thing ALL day.  One of the other differences from years prior is we have a little girl who understands.  She is almost 4 years old now.  New traditions were made and it was adorable to watch her eyes light up every step of the way.
First we started at home...
 Even Mommy and Daddy got to open a present!  Aubrey Rose made all of these at preschool for us.  The teacher wrapped it up so cute and we got to open all her pretty work.  :)

 Then, we went over to Mimi and Big Papa's house.  After a couple bites of Sticky Buns and fresh squeezed orange juice we got to check out the Christmas excitement.
 Big Papa made a fridge to match Aubrey Rose's kitchen he made last year for Christmas.
It came fully stocked with Wawona Frozen Fruit!!
Aubrey Rose and Austin got the cutest cowgirl and cowboy sleeping bags.  So cute!
Presents, presents everywhere!

Then, we went over to my parents house...
What a fun Christmas it was.  We praise the Lord for so many blessings.  God sure is, tomorrow and always.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birthday party for Jesus

My favorite kind of birthday party....a birthday party for Jesus.
We got to enjoy this adorable party that People's Church offered for moms and their kids.
They took professional pictures of you with your kids.
They had cute crafts for entertainment and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!
We loved being reminded of the true meaning of the season!