Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Tori!

On Sunday afternoon, we were able to be a part of the Tori Ann’s 1st birthday party. The three of us drove out to Riverdale to the Visser’s Dairy. It was such a fun party! The food was so yummy. The company was even better. The diary was so fun to be at and to see their world. The watermelon theme was so, so cute. Little Tori, the birthday girl, was adorable and she sure got after her cake! We had a blast! Thanks Visser’s for inviting us and for making us feel like family. We love you guys!!
Here is the watermelon invitation we received. It was sooooooo cute!!!

This was the front side of the invite...

The watermelon decor was adorable!

The birthday girl and her mommy

Jessica, Natalie, myself and Ashley

Myself, Natalie, Ashley and little Peyton

The birthday girl LOVED her cake! Happy 1st Birthday Tori!!

Jessica, Tori, and Travis

The watermelon looking cake was so creative and yummy!

As we left, Aubrey Rose wanted to feed the cows. She, of course, had no fear and just walked right up to them and picked up some hay to feed them. The cows were the ones that were stepping back.

Then, Daddy helped Aubrey Rose feed them some more.

Swim date with the girls and Treysen!

Last Friday we had a swim date with some precious friends of mine. Not sure if you noticed but we have a lot of little girls within our groups of friends. This group of girls is no exception. We got together with Ashley, Jessica and Natalie...the count was...girls: (including us moms) 10 and boys: 1. Yeah, pretty crazy!! Treysen was taking this picture for us.

Myself, Natalie, Jessica and Ashley Sweet girls...Allie, Macey, Taylor and Aubrey Rose...I CAN NOT believe they are all looking at the camera and smiling!

Treysen was so sweet to everyone!
Thanks girls and Treysen for such a fun afternoon! We have to do it again soon!

Fun at the Met!

The Fresno Metropolitan Museum has a Bob the Builder exhibit right now until the end of September. We had heard quite the buzz about it around here, so we finally were able to experience the fun. Aubrey Rose loved every minute of it! We went together with my sweet friend Jo-Linda and her boys, Lennox, Titus and Dempsey. Jo-Linda is such a wonderful friend and an amazing mom. I am so blessed by any chance I can spend with her. I learn something new every time I am with her. She challenges me to be a better mom, wife, and especially friend. Thank you Jo and the boys for bringing us to the Met and for being such a sweet friend to not only me but to Aubrey Rose as well!

Dempsey, myself and Aubrey Rose

Lennox, Aubrey Rose and Titus

The twins and Aubrey Rose loved playing in the workshop

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peach Party at the Farmer's Market!

On Friday night we had a Peach Party at the Farmer's Market in downtown Clovis. This is an annual event for Wawona and the Smittcamp Family. Wawona sets up a booth at the Farmer's Market and we give out a lot (and sell a little) of peaches. It was so fun how many friends we got to see that evening....B&C, Alfaro's, Scalzo's, DeManby's, Love's, Garud's, Farmer's, Julie Shute, VanAlsburgs, Higton's, my parents...I know I am missing people. (Sorry the evening is a little of a whirlwind.) It was a wonderful night. A little hot, but so fun. It was fun having Aubrey Rose out there too. Not that she stayed in the booth at all! The booth right next to ours was a clown's booth. They had bubbles that Aubrey played and played with all night. So now Aubrey has a new word! Bubble!! It is pretty cute when she says it. She gets so excited when she sees bubbles. Here is a fun picture of the family...

Aubrey Rose got a peach tattoo! Peaches for LIFE baby!
Aubrey Rose was not so sure of all of this, but in the end she loved it. She would look at it and then would give that shocked OOOOOOO face that melts my heart!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Island Waterpark

On Thursday Aubrey Rose and I experienced one of our favorite afternoons. To be honest, I knew we would have a wonderful time because of the company we were with, but I didn't have too high of expectations…just fun. I was pleasantly surprised with the park, with the slides, how much the little ones would love the waves in the wave pool, all of the covered picnic tables, the beach area, play structures, all of it! And we didn’t even get to experience the BIG slides! We will have to wait for daddy sometime to do those. :) The little ones loved every second of it, which in turn makes our day so much fun. We highly recommend going to the Island!

The kids LOVED playing around all of the water fountains
The pail at the very top fills up with water and then tips over and splashes ALL over the place every few minutes.

There were small sides...
There were BIG slides...and, of course, our big girl Taylor went down all by herself!

Even us girls loved the water slides!

Aubrey Rose, Taylor and Yale

We were about two streets away and I turned back and found this....

By the way, if you are interested in going to the Island Waterpark…which we HIGHLY recommend…buy your tickets at Costco. They sell tickets for $17 (regularly $24.99 at the park) and the ticket from Costco includes a combo meal!! You have the choice of a hamburger or a hot dog meal. It comes with fries and a drink too! I thought it was an awesome deal for $17 a full day at the park and lunch. Well worth every penny!

Horsin' Around

Wednesday night was family night with the Smittcamp’s. We went out for sushi and then we got a call from Blake and Christina to see if it would suit to come out to the house to show Yale the horses. OF COURSE!! We spread the invite to Garrett and Ashley and all of a sudden the house felt full and we loved it! Ever since last week, while being in Salinas at Blair’s Rodeo event, Aubrey Rose has been a HUGE fan of horses. Everything about horses she is fan of. “Neigh, neigh, neigh” she says. What we didn’t expect for this evening, was the most amazing sunset God provided. It was so, so beautiful.

Aubrey Rose even got to ride bareback!
I love this picture. Aubrey Rose is clapping, Auntie B. is being the wonderful auntie she always is and then the sunset....breathtaking!

Blake and Christina with their nephew, Yale and niece Taylor.

Aubrey Rose and Taylor are LOVE being around each other. They are constantly giving each other hugs and they love to play together. This picture makes me smile. Both of them were reaching out to each other. They are so precious. Garrett and Ashley and their girls...Peyton and Taylor.