Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting dirty and cleaning up.

This boy is ALL boy!
He doesn't mind getting everything on him a mess.
His sister is the complete opposite.

However, they both love when it is time to get cleaned up.  :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peach Party

It was time for one of our favorite summer highlights!  We got new shirts again for The Peach Tree...KEEP CALM and EAT A PEACH.  They turned out so cute!
Our favorite Mimi and Auntie BB!

These are some of my favorite girls EVER.
Loved seeing you B&C out there at the Peach Party!
These are my cousins kiddos with our kiddos.  
Our older two have had an adorable bond that goes way back to when they were babies.

Now our little ones melt our hearts in a whole new way.
They are the cutest!
 One of our favorite babysitters, Miss Julie!

Ice cream with some of our sweetest friends.
I can't get enough of these 3 girls together.  Love them!
Our cutie patootie loved his snow cone a little too much!  HA!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yay! We have two swimmers!

Austin's last two lessons, he finally started smiling immediately after the lesson was over.  
Not during the lesson, but right after he was done.  
Before this, it took him about 15 minutes or so to be back to normal giggly, little boy.  
The second to last lesson his teacher also said something to me like, 
"He started talking to me!! YAY!"  HA!!  
At this point, she had spent a total of 5 and half hours with him.  
Now this is only a half hour at a time over a couple of weeks, 
but still he had been in her arms or learning how to swim with her for a total of 5 and half hours and she was just NOW starting to hear him talk.  
That is so crazy to me.  
However, this little boy was not a fan of swim lessons.
Then, the week after swim lessons ended, 
he got to swim with cousins twice and then with friends on the 4th of July...

and all of a sudden,
it ALL clicked.  

Austin started jumping off the diving board...
over...and over...and over again.
He is absolutely LOVING swimming.

 He even has gained enough confidence to even keep his beloved cars up in the air,
so they don't get wet.  HA!!

YAY!!!  We finally have two little swimmers in the family.

Monday, July 8, 2013

It sure is...

It sure is fun to see what a couple of years can do.
It sure is fun to be Aubrey and Austin's mommy.
It sure is a TON of work.
And tears.
And confusion.
And stress.
And days that feel like they might not ever end.
Or that you are getting no where with the training and repeating,
day in and day out.
But, it sure is worth it when you see a picture of where we are today and where we have come.
It sure does melt my heart.
It sure is fun to love these two kiddos.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This silly boy...

Austin saw this Bulldog and copied what he saw.
This silly boy makes me laugh.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Swim lessons

Austin has now graduated from his swim lessons. 
Whew!!!  We made it.  
What started out as such a rocky start, sure has been worth it!  
It is definitely worth every penny spent and every moment spent out there.
Aubrey Rose was Austin's little encourager.
She loved watching him and would come tell me in between the lessons or after of all the new accomplishments he would make each day.
"Mommy, he got to float on his back today."
"Mommy, Austin got to jump off the diving board today!" 
I love that she gets excited for his accomplishments too.

Swim lessons got better and better with each lesson.  
Austin started out crying the whole lesson.  
No more tears by the end, but he still is not comfortable.  
At the beginning, we would drive up to the house we take swim lessons at and Austin would say, "Austie no, kick, kick, kick Mommy.  No big pool Mommy."  
And then when I would get him dressed in his swimsuit, he would try to keep his shirt on and he does not like it when I take his shoes off since he knows that is the last thing before going in the pool.  He would fuss when I hand him to his sweet teacher, but no more tears after he gets in.  Progress.  
After his lesson, you can tell he is so proud.  He tells and shows everyone how he swam and "kick, kick, kicked."  Yet when he is there, he was not a fan.

When he swims he covers his ears with his hands and kicks his legs.  His teacher and I figured it out that he puts his hands on his ears when he is not comfortable or when he is anxious.  It is quite entertaining to watch.

We sure love it when family gets to come out and watch!

Austin and his best buddy and cousin, Jed, were in this together.
Jed and Austin with their wonderful teachers...
Back at home, Austin loves being in our pool.  
He wouldn't leave the steps, but he loves to go in the "BIIIIIG pool!"
And of course his big sissy loves to enjoy the pool time as well.

4th of July!

We had such a fun 4th of July.  Getting together with some of our sweetest friends who we have known for most of our life is one of my favorite highlights of our year.  My heart was full and happy.  The kids were in heaven playing, swimming and laughing with their friends.  There was plenty of fun, food, friends, family and fireworks.  We already can't wait until next year!

Austin had the best day.  Can you tell?  No nap. Constant playing, running, and swimming for this little 2 year old made me exhausted.  He fell asleep at the beginning of the firework show and didn't wake up until the next morning!  He slept thru transferring home in the car seat and even his diaper change and pjs!  HA!