Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disneyland fun

Okay, I promise this is my final post about our Disneyland fun. It was such a fun weekend, it deserved extra posts. So if you missed our sneak peek or Disneyland firsts or meeting the characters you can check them out in earlier posts, but here is the real fun. :)
Ready to get on the road!!! Aubrey Rose brought some extra money for Big Papa in case he needed anymore. She held it in her hand for almost an hour waiting until they arrived to give it to him. HA!!
Just arrived, getting a bite to eat and then back to the hotel to get ready for our first morning at Disneyland!
Mimi and Big Papa were soooooooo helpful and flexible with the life of two little ones. Disneyland trips aren't what I remember them to be. :) Thank you Bill and Linda!!!
We were inside the park at 7am!
It is still weird to see us as a family of FOUR! Didn't we just get married?!
Mimi and Big Papa in ToonTown with their grandbabies
We got to watch a ToonTown Mickey and the Gang performance. So cute!!!
Alice in Wonderland rideWe loved going to the breakfast with the princesses!
Even Austin did too!
Bug's Life 3D Show....ummm, I don't recommend this one for toddlers. We had to walk out of it. Even now, a couple of weeks after, she is still telling me about everything she did not like about it. Lovely. But we were all smiles BEFORE the show! :)Buzz Lightyear fun!!
Mimi's "Happy Birthday" crown! :)
Ended the night at 11pm riding It's a Small World. Whew!! In the park at 7am. Finished at 11pm. What a wonderful first day!
At 11:00pm, this little girl was still smiling. What a trooper!
Day 2 we slept in a little bit and walked into the park at 9am for another full day. Waiting to become a fairy, :) so we could meet Tinkerbell. Winnie the Pooh ride all together! Finding Nemo Submarine ride Jungle Safari ride. Aubrey Rose and Austin weren't the biggest fans of this ride. At one point, both of them were crying. HA! Well, not tears from Aubrey but she was clenching Blake's arm and hiding her eyes in his chest. Good times.Aubrey Rose LOVED this rocket ride! My favorite picture of all of us from the whole weekend!!! What an AMAZING Disneyland experience!!! After not going for at least 10 years and then to experience Disneyland through Aubrey Rose's eyes...I am not sure if it can be topped. Then again, seeing Disneyland through both of the kids eyes might be the cherry on top. Can't wait!

We can not thank Big Papa and Mimi enough. What a blessing this entire weekend turned out to be. You made a little girls dream come true. Thank you for being so patient with both of our little ones. Thank you for being so willing to do whatever our little 3 year old wanted to do. One of my absolute favorite things is watch to our parents with Aubrey Rose and Austin. My heart just smiles and melts with joy. Thank you for loving on them and loving on us like you always do. We love you sooooooooo much!!!

By the way, the next day, Aubrey woke up and she said, "Mommy, I know, IDEA. Let's go to Disneyland TOMORROW!!!" HA!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A favorite

You might remember when Aubrey Rose got her adorable kitchen for Christmas from Big Papa. It is definitely still a favorite over here! Many, many hours have been spent making some tasty meals. Thank you again Big Papa!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Made me smile...

...thought you might too!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We celebrated my sister's birthday and Father's Day with my family the night before and then we came out to this sunset....It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

On Father's Day, we snapped a couple of pictures before church. Austin is a huge fan already of his bouncer.

Especially when big sister is near.
At church, (my brother's first Father's Day) him and his little guy Jedi were the force that was with us. HA!!
Then, for lunch we went to Bill and Linda's house for a delicious meal! Thank you Mimi and Big Papa!!

Happy Father's Day to both of you!!

We are so blessed...

Blake, Brad, Logan and Rob

Smittcamps with Linda's family

Linda with her parents and brothers

Bill with his father and siblings

Our babies get TONS of love!

And to end our day we got a little swim time in the pool. Happy Father's Day Blake!! Your first Father's Day being a daddy of two. I absolutely LOVE watching you be a daddy.