Saturday, August 31, 2013


We all agree this probably wasn't the week to have shark week on TV.
Shark week started with a late midnight showing Blake and Mimi enjoyed of...
They went the night before we left and they definitely LOVED it.
Comments and jokes about sharks started from the get go on this trip.
Then, fast forward to this specific day of our vacation,
Mimi, myself and the kids walked to the pier.
Within about 15 min on the pier,
 we watched about 5 or 6 small sharks get caught by fishermen.
It was crazy!
Both Aubrey and Austin touched a shark!
Then, we watched some fish get caught.
And sissy protected Austin from the crabs we saw be caught.
Then, after lunch on the patio...
there was a little play time in the sand and water.
Without a doubt, the beach time was their FAVORITE time of the day.
 Our family highlight of the day was when Bill, Blair and Blake arrived!!
We got to enjoy a evening at the Boardwalk.
 I love it when we get to be together the four of us.  :)
 HA!  HA!! Game time!!
 Go Auntie BB!!

 A few rides for the kiddos....

 Then, we came across this...
 OF COURSE we had to!!
So in one day, our kids got to
SEE their first shark,
TOUCH their first shark, 
get EATEN by a shark!  HAHA!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day #4

This trip has been absolutely wonderful.
The home we are staying at is right on the beach.
Open the door and walk right out.
It makes us not want to leave the house.
We have had almost every meal at home.
We have relaxed....
I am talking absolutely, completely relaxed.
Multiple times we asked each other what day it was.
That is the best kind of vacation.
On this day we did venture out a little bit into Santa Cruz.
We started out at the fabric store
and we also did some clothes shopping for school and such.
When we came home I sat with Aubrey Rose for a while and we played with the Polly Pockets.  She thanked me multiple times the next few days for playing with her.  She told me "I can't believe I get to play with you with the Polly Pockets.  That was so much fun, Mommy."
Then, after Austin woke up from his nap, we ventured out to the beach again.

It sure didn't matter to them that they were out playing in the beach passed bed time!!  
Oh happy day!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day #3...more welcomed relaxation :)

My next morning at the beach started out at 6am with this early riser.  
Doesn't he know we are on vacation???!!
Daddy and Big Papa had left to go back home.
Back to reality for them.  :(
 For lunch we had a special visitor.
Blake's brother had a delivery to make for Wawona,
so it was fun to have him stop by, even though it was short and sweet.
Someone wanted to look just like Uncle Brad.  :)
 Then naps, 
 yummy spaghetti for dinner,
some much desired beach play time for the kids...
 and then some treasure hunting with Mimi.  :)
A day that we didn't even leave the house.
It was wonderful!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach trip...Day #2

The next day was one of my favorites.  
We stayed home.  
We relaxed.  
We rested.  
We also had some awesome play time at the beach.  

 Blake's childhood came back quickly as he remembered the crazy amount of sand crabs that are in the beaches there.
This little girl has come SOOOOO far! 
For someone who used to CRY at the feeling of grass, the sound of waves or the feel of sand, she has come a long way.  At 5 and a half, this was her very first time to touch the ocean willingly.  She absolutely loved it, just like we have been telling her for all of her 5 years.  :)
Then, these three were trying to run faster than the waves could come in,
and Austin face planted.  Good thing he was a trooper.  He didn't even cry.

These two were LOVING the water...
Then, after the beach, the kids had a bath and as I was drying Aubrey's face with a towel, she said, "Owww, Mommy, you got my loose tooth!"  I said I am so sorry. I looked down and her tooth was gone!!!!  I could not believe it!!!  She lost her first tooth!!  She didn't even cry.  She said it didn't even hurt.  It was such a blessing to have Blake and I together for this fun memory.  An additional blessing was having Mimi and Big Papa with us too.  It was a such a fun memory to share together.
From the moment her tooth came out, she has been acting much older (and much more silly)!  HA!!
Pretty phenomenal playground...
This is for sure a little piece of heaven on earth.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A week in Santa Cruz...

Blake grew up with wonderful summer memories spent in Santa Cruz.  His grandparents had a house there and during the summer Blake's mom would often take the kids there to enjoy the beach and all the fun things the area has to offer.  
Now with us having kids of our own, Blake would love for Aubrey and Austin to enjoy the same fun summer memories.  Since summer months are peach season and the hubbies have to work, Linda and I got to enjoy a week at a beautiful house in Santa Cruz.  Bill and Blake got to come for a few hours on the weekend. 
We started the weekend with a Thomas the Train ride at Roaring Camp Railroads with Mimi and Big Papa.

Then, we arrived at the house and immediately relaxed.
"Austin, smile big, please."
The patio on the bottom floor had sand.  It was perfect for the kids to play.
Great start to a wonderful week at the beach.