Friday, August 30, 2013

Day #4

This trip has been absolutely wonderful.
The home we are staying at is right on the beach.
Open the door and walk right out.
It makes us not want to leave the house.
We have had almost every meal at home.
We have relaxed....
I am talking absolutely, completely relaxed.
Multiple times we asked each other what day it was.
That is the best kind of vacation.
On this day we did venture out a little bit into Santa Cruz.
We started out at the fabric store
and we also did some clothes shopping for school and such.
When we came home I sat with Aubrey Rose for a while and we played with the Polly Pockets.  She thanked me multiple times the next few days for playing with her.  She told me "I can't believe I get to play with you with the Polly Pockets.  That was so much fun, Mommy."
Then, after Austin woke up from his nap, we ventured out to the beach again.

It sure didn't matter to them that they were out playing in the beach passed bed time!!  
Oh happy day!!