Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family pictures in the peach orchards

Taking pictures in the peach orchards each year has become a wonderful tradition for us that started when Aubrey Rose experienced her first peach season.
 (These pictures are from 2008)
Fast forward to this year...2013.
We are so very thankful for where God has us...
and how cute our kids are.  :)

Oh this little boy,
melts my heart.
And seeing these two together,
melts my heart even MORE.
And then these two little ones together, 
make me melt in a whole different "puddle on the floor" way.
Especially when they are smiling and oh so happy.

After all those pictures in the hot summer weather and sitting on the fuzzy, itchy peaches, what else is there to do, but go skinny dipping!
We didn't bring the kids' swimsuits, so this worked!
The kids thought it was pretty funny.