Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A week in Santa Cruz...

Blake grew up with wonderful summer memories spent in Santa Cruz.  His grandparents had a house there and during the summer Blake's mom would often take the kids there to enjoy the beach and all the fun things the area has to offer.  
Now with us having kids of our own, Blake would love for Aubrey and Austin to enjoy the same fun summer memories.  Since summer months are peach season and the hubbies have to work, Linda and I got to enjoy a week at a beautiful house in Santa Cruz.  Bill and Blake got to come for a few hours on the weekend. 
We started the weekend with a Thomas the Train ride at Roaring Camp Railroads with Mimi and Big Papa.

Then, we arrived at the house and immediately relaxed.
"Austin, smile big, please."
The patio on the bottom floor had sand.  It was perfect for the kids to play.
Great start to a wonderful week at the beach.