Saturday, August 31, 2013


We all agree this probably wasn't the week to have shark week on TV.
Shark week started with a late midnight showing Blake and Mimi enjoyed of...
They went the night before we left and they definitely LOVED it.
Comments and jokes about sharks started from the get go on this trip.
Then, fast forward to this specific day of our vacation,
Mimi, myself and the kids walked to the pier.
Within about 15 min on the pier,
 we watched about 5 or 6 small sharks get caught by fishermen.
It was crazy!
Both Aubrey and Austin touched a shark!
Then, we watched some fish get caught.
And sissy protected Austin from the crabs we saw be caught.
Then, after lunch on the patio...
there was a little play time in the sand and water.
Without a doubt, the beach time was their FAVORITE time of the day.
 Our family highlight of the day was when Bill, Blair and Blake arrived!!
We got to enjoy a evening at the Boardwalk.
 I love it when we get to be together the four of us.  :)
 HA!  HA!! Game time!!
 Go Auntie BB!!

 A few rides for the kiddos....

 Then, we came across this...
 OF COURSE we had to!!
So in one day, our kids got to
SEE their first shark,
TOUCH their first shark, 
get EATEN by a shark!  HAHA!