Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A wonderful weekend at the beach house!

We went to Santa Cruz this past weekend to run...well we walked....in a 6 mile Wharf to Wharf event. We went with Linda, Blair, Blake and Christina. It was so fun! Aubrey Rose was a trooper just hanging out in her stroller. She slept, she played and then she slept some more. We had a wonderful weekend!

Here Blake is running away from the cops....like he tried to do all weekend! The only down side of the whole weekend was Blake got a ticket for rolling a stop sign on the way to the coast. Yeah we think that is a lame reason for a ticket too!

Here the Patricio's are looking like they are running. Oh what a still picture shows! The only time we ran was when we tried to look as though we could race the Kenyans. And we all know that didn't last long.

Here are some cute pictures from this weekend. The weather was just perfect! And Aubrey Rose was an angel. I just love this sweet, sweet girl!

We LOVE being a family of three!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to celebrate!

It was so much fun celebrating together Blair's huge accomplishments of becoming the 2008 Miss CA Salinas Rodeo Queen. She is so BIG time! It was fun to be apart of such special memories. Here are some pictures from Blair's celebration party after she returned home from being Queen.

Blair won so many prizes! The two biggest things she received were a $2,500 scholarship for college and a 2-horse trailer...with her name on it!

Here are some of our wonderful friends who were able to make it out to the celebration. I love
this picture! We are so thankful for such wonderful friends!

Aubrey Rose was tuckered out after having so much fun with friends and family.


Blair recently competed in the Miss California Salinas Rodeo Queen competition and she won!! We are so proud of her! Here are some pictures of the memories....

Aubrey Rose is so proud of her Aunt B! Way to go Aunt B!

This was after the horsemanship part of the competition. She did soooooo great!

This was the night she had to answer a handful of questions, which I thought were REALLY hard questions, especially for having to do it on demand and being in front of so many people. She nailed it! We are so proud of her!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Precious Handprints

There is something so special and so sweet about looking a child's handprint, especially your own child. This is what happened when we attempted to get Aubrey Rose's handprint. She was a trooper and just calmly sat there while her mommy made her get messy. No crying, but no smiles during this adventure! Auntie Allie was such a good helper!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

She loves bath time!

Aubrey Rose loves to kick, splash, laugh and smile during bath time, which creates quite the entertainment each day. Here are a few pictures of her cute expressions while Daddy gave her a bath. If you ever are having a down day, come on over and Aubrey Rose will brighten up your day in a second! She loves her ducky bath from Auntie Christina! Thank you Christina!

Daddy was so funny because he put some soap suds on my head.

Aubrey Rose's first July 4th!

Blake and I are truly blessed. Married life has been the best and before we became mommy and daddy, we truly thought life couldn't get better. Goodness, were we wrong! Life is so much sweeter with Aubrey Rose. Each day is all the more fun and every holiday is even more exciting. Her first July 4th was no exception! Here are some pictures showing how much fun we had, not only with her, but with our wonderful family and friends.

Aubrey Rose's 4th of July photo shoot!

So this 4th of July was special for all of us, not only because of sweet Aubrey Rose, but it was also my first, my mom's first and Aubrey Rose's first as an American! So in honor of her first, we set up a little photo shoot and boy did she perform. We looooooove this girl! Her smile is sooooo contagious!