Friday, February 28, 2014

Austin is 3!

It feels like just yesterday Austin was born.  
Okay maybe not yesterday because at the same time, 
I can't even remember what life was like without with this little ball of energy running all around.

Austin you are spunky, silly, incredibly expressive with your personality and also so very sweet.
You are a lover of everything with wheels.  
Cars, airplanes, tractors, trucks, trains or even big "humungous Monster" trucks.
Austin, you love to make messes.
Not just messes, 
I am pretty sure you take pleasure in breaking things.
Your Daddy and I have no idea.
 You might just want to test Daddy to see if he can really "fix" the problem.
You have bent back and ruined more books than I can count.
You choose to often bend your toys until they pop and break.
We are trying to teach you how to respect your things (and our things) every day.
I hope the lesson will soon sink in.  :)
However, with the struggles of raising a two year old, now three year old,
comes great joy too.
Austin, you are a ball of energy,
running in circles around the house.
You make me giggle and laugh all throughout the day.
Sometimes even just your silly smirk makes me laugh.
We are so very thankful you figured out how to go to the bathroom in the toilet.
Your sister just decided one day she was done.
She was done with diapers for naps and night all in one day.
You didn't ever want to get rid of diapers.
But, one day Daddy and Mommy decided for you and you have not looked back.
You have rocked that new challenge and we are soooooooo very thankful!!
We aren't 100% through naps and nighttime, but we are SUPER close!
You have some big shoes to fill, but you can do it with that big grin 
and the way you love with all your heart!
Your Daddy might be your FAVORITE person on Earth.
However, that might be highly debatable.  :)
Then again, that might be debatable as well.  ;)
You have been telling us since last summer that your "birthday is COMING!!"
Well, your birthday finally came.
You are officially THREE!
Austin James, I praise the Lord every day that you were born.
You sure are my favorite little boy.
You are so very loved.
Not just by your daddy, your sister and myself, 
but by sooooo many others.
Most of all, God loves you even more than I could ever imagine.
I am so very thankful for God blessing us with YOU!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We had some Valentine pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.  
They turned out so cute!! 
Thank you again, Stacy!!
I hope wherever you are on your journey in life, 
whether married or not, 
I pray that you find joy today in each step you take.
God loves you sooooooo much!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just hanging out...

I have said it before, but some of my favorite pictures
 are when we are just hanging around, doing our everyday life.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

How we roll...

This is how we like to kill some time at the hardware store waiting for Daddy...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our little Kindergartner

It is so fun to watch Aubrey Rose learn so much.  She has homework each week and although some days it is little work to get her to sit down at the table to start, she LOVES doing homework once she starts.  She is now writing full sentences and 
 reading so much!!  A couple weeks ago we went to Auntie Blair's house to meet her new puppies.  Aubrey Rose read her tonight book to Mimi and Auntie BB.  They were quite impressed how much she can read already.  It is so fun to see her growth in only a couple of months.
 Aubrey Rose continues to do her laundry.  The most difficult part of the job for her is putting the clothes away.  I found that she does better if she starts with separating the clothes.  If she sees this huge pile, she usually is overwhelmed.  If she separates the clothes by shirts, pi's, underwear, socks, pants, etc. it is easier for her to see how simple the job is.  If she could choose, she would prefer to not do her laundry at all, but the only part of the job that is work for me to keep her motivated is put  to it away.  We continue to charge forward!  By high school hopefully she can do it in her sleep!  HA!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lauren is getting married!

My brother married well.  :)  God is so good.  When my brother got married to his wonderful wife Allie, I gained one of my sweetest friends.  Not only did I gain a wonderful friend, I get to be family with Allie's family.  LOVE them!!  Allie's sister is getting married in a couple of weekends!  I am so excited for Lauren and Donnie!
Allie's mom, her sister and Allie
 Allie had a lot of helpers to pull this adorable party together.  
Everything turned out so cute!!

 The food was delicious!!  
They served a couple of different quiches, cinnamon rolls, muffins, lemon bars, peach jewels and yummy fruit!