Monday, June 30, 2008

Dinner with wonderful friends

We had a wonderful evening with friends on Saturday night. We had dinner at our friends Andrew and Jo-Linda's house. It was a so fun being able to catch up a little with everyone and watch the kids be together. Most of these friendships go way back to high school, so these are very dear friends of ours. I love seeing the group picture to see how our families have grown. Thank you so much Jo and Andrew for opening up your home!

Here is a picture of us in 2004. We are missing Jo-Linda and Andrew in this picture, but it is pretty close to everyone. What 4 years has done! It is so fun to do life together with such wonderful friends.

Here are a few more pictures from Saturday evening. Megan is the best auntie and such a wonderful friend.

Aubrey likes her new friend Dempsey.

Jo-Linda and I with our little ones. Aubrey is one month older than Dempsey. Jo also has twin boys. They are such sweet boys. She is such a wonderful mom. I am so glad she has paved the road ahead of me.

Aubrey Rose goes swimming!!

Aubrey went swimming for the first time at Auntie Dar's house. She loved being in the water.

After Aubrey had her swim, Jesse and Blake played Alligator. Jesse and Blake plus late night equals great entertainment! (Yeah, don't even ask.)

Some "firsts" for Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Rose recently experienced some firsts, so we had to share.

Aubrey wore her first shoes. They were so cute on her. It was her 3 month birthday this day, so it was a big occasion. (Yeah, they gave her a tiny blister on her heel, but it is tough looking good!)

Aubrey Rose loves her new Bumbo chair. She loves playing with the toy and watching it go round and round.

Aubrey recently met her future husband, Mr. Brady Barrington for the first time. Brady was born one month after Aubrey. Brady's parents are wonderful friends of ours, Tommy and Janay. We think they would be wonderful in-laws!

Aubrey is officially old enough to drive! She drove her dad's bug. Maybe someday it will be her car. Uncle Jesse was assisting since it was his good idea.

Auntie Blair would love for Aubrey to one day with a Delta Gamma girl. Here is Aubrey Rose's big debut of her first attempt to being a DG. Auntie Blair made Aubrey her cute anchor onesie.

Happy Birthday Auntie Christy!

My sister, Christy, turned 29! We celebrated with dinner together at Mom and Dad's. Aubrey and Aunt Christy were princesses for a night. We had a wonderful evening together. I love family time!! Happy Birthday Christy!

We thought Aubrey's tutu outfit was so cute we took some more pictures. Sorry if you are tired of seeing pictures of this little girl, but we can't get enough of her. Just be thankful I don't put every picture up on here. :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aubrey Rose's first train party!

This morning we went to Grandpa Smittcamp's house. They have a carousel and a train that drives around their property. Bill and Linda threw a train party today for a family who bought it as an auction item benefiting the Children's Hospital. Aubrey was quite the hit at the party, as always! We took some pictures of her to document her first of many rides on the merry-go-round and the train that daddy drives.

Happy Birthday Mimi!!

Happy Birthday to Linda! The best Mimi ever!! We went to dinner with Bill, Linda, Brad and Blair to celebrate Linda's birthday. We went to Belana in Fig Garden Village. For dessert, we decided to all share the Banana Split Blowout that they had on the menu. We didn't know it was called a blowout for a reason!! It was enormous!

Return of THE BUG!!

One of Blake's loves in high school was his '79 Volkswagon Bug. It used to be white with a black top until pretty, pretty princess Blair got a hold of it and painted it raspberry pink. Blake decided it was time to pull it back out and give it some more memories. This is a picture of him driving it down our driveway. Let us know when you want a ride in it!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aubrey Rose is growing up WAY too fast!

Here are some fun pictures of our little girl growing up. She is 2 1/2 months old. We love her sooooo much! She is such a good baby. We are so blessed. Blake and I are already worried about our next baby because we don't think it could get better. Aubrey Rose is officially sleeping through the night. She sleeps from about 9pm to about 8am. It is wonderful! And she is smiling so much more. I never knew how much my child's smile could brighten up any day or any moment so quickly. Aubrey is the sweetest thing!

Watching TV with Uncle Jesse and Princess Jasmine.
I love riding my new horse that Mimi and Big Papa bought for me. Auntie Blair takes such good care of me!
Don't boyfriends yet! My cousins Jon and Andrea Shabaglian had little Christopher 10 days before Aubrey Rose was born. It is so fun to get them together and take pictures of how cute they are. The paparazzi's go absolutely crazy! It is so fun watching these two grow up!

Happy 30th Birthday Ashley!!

We had the best evening celebrating Ashley's 30th birthday! The company was excellent, the food was delicious, the decor was absolutely phenomenal, the entertainment was even better than anyone could have imagined...thank you to our new American Idol contestant Christina, and the weather was absolutely beautiful!  It was a perfect evening!

Carrie Underwood concert

This past week Aubrey Rose went to her first concert. And what a good first concert it was!! Carrie was so cute and she sang so beautifully. We had a wonderful evening with friends and family.

Jesse and Allie FINALLY graduate!!

Yeah for Jesse and Allie! They finally graduated! Allie graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Nursing. She is taking her boards later this month. After that she will be a full time nurse at the Fresno Surgical Center. Jesse graduated from the Mennonite Brethen Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. He is now oh so divine. He is now back full time working with our family business in Real Estate. Aubrey Rose was such a good girl at both Uncle Jesse and Aunt Allie's graduations.