Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Lunch time is one of our favorite times around our house! God truly blessed us with how close our home is to Blake's work. It is all of probably 1 minute...maybe 2 minutes if you hit the red light...away from Wawona. SUCH A BLESSING!! Blake is able to come home most lunches and boy do Aubrey Rose and I enjoy those sweet moments. I was making our lunch yesterday and I had to photograph these two being their normal silly selves. After this picture Blake chased her around the house like this. Hilarious!! Lunch times are so much fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tractor Pull in Tulare

Every Tuesday night is Smittcamp family night with Blake's side of the family. WE LOVE IT!! It keeps us connected, reminds us of how blessed we truly are, and also allows for some great memories! This last Tuesday night, is probably one we will remember for a LONG time! We decided to experience a Tractor Pull. What is a Tractor Pull you ask? Yeah, we went to find out. HA!!
Tulare (a city about 45 min. from us) is the home of The World's largest annual Ag Expo. We bundled up in our jackets and we experienced the Tractor Pull. Contestants soup up their tractors and trucks and the goal is to pull a weighted sled the furthest on a dirt track. The engines are roaring and the fireworks are blaring. We all had our ear plugs in! It is as loud as the Monster Truck Jams. It was so entertaining! A whole new world for us! Aubrey Rose just kept saying VROOM! VROOM! VROOM!! and plugging her ears!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's cookies

We were so blessed to be invited to a cookie decorating class. It was soooo much fun! Thank you Patricio's for the invite!!

Thanks Ash for thinking of us!! Here is Ashley and I with our girls.

This picture cracks me up. This is the "smile" face Aubrey Rose gave us. The funny thing was how long she held the expression. You win some, and you laugh at others. :)
The girls were quite intent on their job.

Here is Ashley and her sister, with their adorable families! God is so good!
And all of our little ones...
The three of us.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The six of us enjoyed a few days away in Vegas. My parents, my brother and his wife Allie, and Blake and I. We had a blast!

Thanks babe for taking me to VEGAS!! How can you not have a blast with this combination of personalities?! HA!!!
My brother and my dad. What do you think? Should this picture be on our next newsletter for our real estate team??
Here are the ladies...This is the waterfall out in front of the new City Center. It is UNBELIEVABLE! The hotels, the shopping, restaurants, brand new tram. AMAZING! The architecture and designs are absolutely incredible.

So these three guys below, helped waste 4 hours of our lives, but also kept us entertained the whole time. They signed us up for one of the timeshare tours a few months back. It took 4 HOURS for us to get the chance to say no. However, we are still wondering if we made the right decision. :) It was all worth it because all 3 of our hotel rooms (for the 3 night stay) were FREE!!! Thanks guys for spoiling us girls for a weekend in Vegas! We have the BEST husbands!
This is us not quite sure what was in store for the time share presentation.
After the presentation, we walked and walked and walked some moretaking in the sites along The Strip...

At the Bellagio
We stopped at our favorite...Maggiano's!
Enjoyed some frozen hot chocolate and other speciality desserts at Serendipity!

Then, got dressed up dinner at the Bellagio and the show "O"

I LOVE this girl!!! God definitely knew what He was doing when he put us in the same family. Friends and family!! Doesn't get better than that! Love these two together!
I love, love, LOVE being married to you Blake!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a Valentine’s like I have never had before. A Valentine’s we will probably remember forever. Two reasons...A trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Florida, all in one weekend!
Blake and I were able to get away for a few days and go to Vegas. We went with my brother, his wife, Allie and my parents. We had a WONDERFUL time!! We missed my sister and her husband a ton…the family just didn’t feel complete. (This is Aaron's birthday week. They celebrated a little early in Tahoe.) We also missed Aubrey Rose, but I wouldn’t consider Vegas a place to take a 2 year old. Thank you sooooo much Bill and Linda for taking such good care of her! She hasn’t stopped asking for Mimi? Big Papa? Mimi? Big Papa? We love that she is crazy about you too!

Our first task for the Valentine's weekend, was to give as many kisses and hugs possible to this sweet little face before we hit the road...

She was dressed in her Valentine red, ready for Mimi and Big PapaThen we were Vegas bound! Here is a SNEAK preview... This night we had dinner at Circo in The Bellagio and then we enjoyed the show "O"
I told you, just a sneak peak...more to come later about Vegas. Remember this post is about Valentine's Day. We came home LATE on the 13th to this lovable, kissable, still silly and sweet, little girl. She was my Valentine this year. Her and I spent the day together because Blake got right back on a plane for Florida for a work convention.

Wouldn't you have enjoyed Aubrey Rose being your Valentine too? I sure did!!
Oh, my cheesy little girl.
We had dinner together and then we brought some mini cupcakes over to Mimi because she was missing her Valentine in Florida too! Then, we went home and snuggled up for one more picture before little sunshine went down for the night.
I can't believe how much she has grown since last Valentines Day 2009! What a blessing she is to Blake and I! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work and play time...

Blake had a school convention to work at in Santa Clara this past weekend. Aubrey Rose and I trekked along with him! The convention was Friday and Saturday. Wawona had a booth for themselves to hopefully create new business or more business, so Blake worked, handing out free samples, answering questions and connecting with other colleagues.

In the meantime, Aubrey Rose and I kept ourselves busy! We started the mornings with breakfast with Daddy and then we hit the road for some fun. I thought it was fair if we each had a day. :) Her day was first...The Children's Musuem in San Jose (more on this for a different post) and then, I had my day! We went to Ikea! I love walking through that store. All I walked out with were a few napkins, but still I enjoyed myself and Aubrey Rose was a trooper!

On one of the days after Blake's convention, we went to Aubrey Rose's very FIRST movie in the theatre!

We went and saw this...

It was sooooo cute! Aubrey Rose was quite a fan of the movie too! I was shocked how good she did! Half way through she got a little ansy, so we let her stand and that was all she needed to finish it through. HA! When did Aubrey Rose grow up???!!

Here is my girl and myself after the movie. Great memories! I am sure first of many in her lifetime!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just another day at the office...

I love taking Aubrey Rose into our office. This time was an extra bonus because everyone was in, except my sister! Here is Opa! (my dad)

And Uncle Jesse... (Like her glasses in both of these pictures? HA!) And the girls...C.J. and Ruth. They both work in our office, helping keep my dad as sane as possible. They do a phenomenal job of it!!
(Aubrey Rose got spoiled and has M&M's in her mouth and in the cup! Thanks to C.J.'s sweet mom.)