Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work and play time...

Blake had a school convention to work at in Santa Clara this past weekend. Aubrey Rose and I trekked along with him! The convention was Friday and Saturday. Wawona had a booth for themselves to hopefully create new business or more business, so Blake worked, handing out free samples, answering questions and connecting with other colleagues.

In the meantime, Aubrey Rose and I kept ourselves busy! We started the mornings with breakfast with Daddy and then we hit the road for some fun. I thought it was fair if we each had a day. :) Her day was first...The Children's Musuem in San Jose (more on this for a different post) and then, I had my day! We went to Ikea! I love walking through that store. All I walked out with were a few napkins, but still I enjoyed myself and Aubrey Rose was a trooper!

On one of the days after Blake's convention, we went to Aubrey Rose's very FIRST movie in the theatre!

We went and saw this...

It was sooooo cute! Aubrey Rose was quite a fan of the movie too! I was shocked how good she did! Half way through she got a little ansy, so we let her stand and that was all she needed to finish it through. HA! When did Aubrey Rose grow up???!!

Here is my girl and myself after the movie. Great memories! I am sure first of many in her lifetime!!


Rob & Katie Donnelly said...

Man...Blake you working out??Look at those guns in the picture!!! Seriously tho great pics!!!!