Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The six of us enjoyed a few days away in Vegas. My parents, my brother and his wife Allie, and Blake and I. We had a blast!

Thanks babe for taking me to VEGAS!! How can you not have a blast with this combination of personalities?! HA!!!
My brother and my dad. What do you think? Should this picture be on our next newsletter for our real estate team??
Here are the ladies...This is the waterfall out in front of the new City Center. It is UNBELIEVABLE! The hotels, the shopping, restaurants, brand new tram. AMAZING! The architecture and designs are absolutely incredible.

So these three guys below, helped waste 4 hours of our lives, but also kept us entertained the whole time. They signed us up for one of the timeshare tours a few months back. It took 4 HOURS for us to get the chance to say no. However, we are still wondering if we made the right decision. :) It was all worth it because all 3 of our hotel rooms (for the 3 night stay) were FREE!!! Thanks guys for spoiling us girls for a weekend in Vegas! We have the BEST husbands!
This is us not quite sure what was in store for the time share presentation.
After the presentation, we walked and walked and walked some moretaking in the sites along The Strip...

At the Bellagio
We stopped at our favorite...Maggiano's!
Enjoyed some frozen hot chocolate and other speciality desserts at Serendipity!

Then, got dressed up dinner at the Bellagio and the show "O"

I LOVE this girl!!! God definitely knew what He was doing when he put us in the same family. Friends and family!! Doesn't get better than that! Love these two together!
I love, love, LOVE being married to you Blake!


Kylie said...

I am going to Vegas on Thursday! You went one week too early!