Friday, September 25, 2009

All for a good cause!

This afternoon Blake, Aubrey Rose and I were honored to be apart of a good cause. Kiss Country 93.7 is having a Radiothon this whole weekend to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Central California. As I mentioned in previous posts, we LOVE our Children’s Hospital. Today, there were about 15 of us (some Wawona staff members as well as Blake’s family) we all went to Children’s Hospital to bring a check on behalf of all the employees of Wawona. Since August, Wawona has been doing a fundraiser and today we were able to bring a check to the hospital for $33,132!!! It was such an honor to be apart of!

This is how they had the Radiothon set up in the rotundra of the hospital. The people in the back (sitting at the desks) are Wawona employees who offered their time to answer phones trying to raise money for Children's Hospital.

Bill and Linda (Blake's parents) were interviewed on air by Greg Lane from Kiss Country.

We even had Aubrey Rose answering the phones!
Ok, not really, but it was a great photo op!

The Wawona employees and us wore these shirts below. One of our Wawona employees created the design of the shirts. They turned out so good!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's FUN being a GIRL!

Look who can wear clips in their hair now!!!! After 18 months (a YEAR and a half...almost every day) of wearing a headband topped with a cute bow, look who has enough hair on top of their sweet head to wear a clip! (I know silly, but SOOOOOOOOOO exciting!) Praise the LORD!!

Look at those curls! Do you think it is time for a hair cut? HA!
Or maybe we should try some pigtails!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We love Jett already!

Talk about a cutie!!! Jett is going to be one POP-U-LAR boy with the ladies I am sure! (Especially if he is anything like his daddy was in high school! Ha!) What a sweet time it was to spend time this afternoon with such a brand new baby in their adorable home. We absolutely love you guys, Josh, Megan and Jett! Congratulations on such a beautiful baby. You will now know the sweet blessing of what it is like to think about your child every second of every minute of every day, whether you are with them or not. We are so excited to raise up our little ones together and learn together how to raise children who seek the Lord with all their heart, mind and strength.

Harvest Ball 2009

Blake and I absolutely LOVE our Children's Hospital Central California! We also LOVE going to events benefiting Children's Hospital! Not only has Children's Hospital been an incredible source for dear friends and family of ours, it also is near to my heart because it is where I had my first job. I LOVED working at Children's Hospital. I was the Unit Aide for two departments. My job was to order and stock all items...from diapers to needles to Pedialyte and everything in between. It truly was a wonderful place to work because the nurses, doctors and employees have such a heart for children. It is always an honor to be apart of any of the events which benefit Children's Hospital Central California. The Harvest Ball is no exception. It is a fabulous party and puts your own heart in the right place!

Us, Donnelly's, Patricio's, Love's, and Garud's

The girls...myself, Christina, Katie, Jo-Linda and Kim...LOVE you girls!

Christina has a few other pictures on her blog too if you want to check them out HERE! Thanks everyone for making this evening such a fun time together! Blake and I are truly blessed with such wonderful friends!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


We were able to get away to Carmel with my family. We had such a great time relaxing, laughing, playing games, taking walks, making smores at our bonfire, taking naps, girls watched Julie and Julia, guys (plus Christy) watched G.I. Joe, celebrating Allie for her birthday, being entertained by Aubrey Rose, entertaining Aubrey Rose, playing more games, laughing at Aubrey Rose's new "funny face," eating yummy food out and at home and of course staying in such a beautiful and comfortable home away from home. We had a wonderful time together. We are so blessed!
We did a pizza oven tour! SO FUN!
My parents bought this entertainment for Aubrey Rose. She loved it! Especially when Auntie Allie laid in the tent and played with her for probably an hour!

Blake arrived Saturday evening. It was so fun to have him there even though the peaches were calling him back to work to go home Sunday night. (We stayed another night for Labor Day and celebrated Allie's birthday)
We ate in Big Sur. Absolutely beautiful scenery! Such blue, blue waters.
She will do this face on command now. It started with her making this face while trying to get these pegs into the hole. As we were all laughing at her expression, she realized what she was doing and voila....Aubrey Rose's "FUNNY FACE!"
Absolutely breathtaking views at the The Carmel Mission Inn. We had a yummy, yummy brunch. There were sheep in the pasture behind that Aubrey Rose enjoyed watching.
All of us together

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 30th Blake!

What a wonderful weekend it was!!! Happy 30th Birthday Blake!! (Not my Blake…he is not that old! Okay, okay he will be there in a few months) :) We were so blessed to be able to go enjoy a weekend away with the Patricio’s and Donnelly’s. It was such a sweet time of relaxing, laughing, eating, chatting, playing games, making “being so old” jokes to BP, going to the beach, making new memories, making yummy smores, eating more, late nights of more laughing, enjoying seeing the kids play together and laugh together…just a feel good weekend. It was sad to see it come to an end so soon. I realized I like this vacation thing during peach season. :) So, that is what it feels like to take a break during the SUMMER months! So nice!! Thanks Blake and Christina for inviting us, for doing everything possible to get us there and for planning all the details to make the weekend be such a fun, relaxing time together. Happy 30th Blake!!! We are so blessed to have friends like you guys in our lives. We just can’t get enough of you!! We love you both sooooooooooo much!!

Blake, Aubrey Rose, myself and adorable Taylor The crew making smores
Aubrey Rose loved making smores. She kept trying to blow the fire out. :)
The three of us.
Aubrey Rose and Taylor are so stinkin' adorable together. It is the most precious thing when the girls get together and give each other a hug to greet one another. And then they pretty much run around for hours playing with each other. Aubrey Rose says "Tay, Tay." So cute!
We are so blessed!
This was at the luncheon to celebrate BP's 30th.
Happy 30th Birthday Blake!!
Both Blake and I are blessed with such an AMAZING family. We are so very thankful for our family, but we would not mind being legally adopted by the Patricio’s. :) They are absolutely FANTASTIC. Every one of them! From the parents to the siblings to the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins…they each make us feel so special and loved. They love on Aubrey Rose as though she is their own. They give the best bear hugs as though we are family. We are forever grateful to them for making us feel as though we have been friends for a lifetime. Their constant thoughtfulness and generosity warms our heart over and over. On Sunday, the whole Patricio family drove to Santa Cruz for a lunch to celebrate Blake’s 30th. It was so fun to see everyone. Here is the Patricio clan! Thanks to all of you for being so sweet to Blake, Aubrey Rose and I! We love you guys!