Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 30th Blake!

What a wonderful weekend it was!!! Happy 30th Birthday Blake!! (Not my Blake…he is not that old! Okay, okay he will be there in a few months) :) We were so blessed to be able to go enjoy a weekend away with the Patricio’s and Donnelly’s. It was such a sweet time of relaxing, laughing, eating, chatting, playing games, making “being so old” jokes to BP, going to the beach, making new memories, making yummy smores, eating more, late nights of more laughing, enjoying seeing the kids play together and laugh together…just a feel good weekend. It was sad to see it come to an end so soon. I realized I like this vacation thing during peach season. :) So, that is what it feels like to take a break during the SUMMER months! So nice!! Thanks Blake and Christina for inviting us, for doing everything possible to get us there and for planning all the details to make the weekend be such a fun, relaxing time together. Happy 30th Blake!!! We are so blessed to have friends like you guys in our lives. We just can’t get enough of you!! We love you both sooooooooooo much!!

Blake, Aubrey Rose, myself and adorable Taylor The crew making smores
Aubrey Rose loved making smores. She kept trying to blow the fire out. :)
The three of us.
Aubrey Rose and Taylor are so stinkin' adorable together. It is the most precious thing when the girls get together and give each other a hug to greet one another. And then they pretty much run around for hours playing with each other. Aubrey Rose says "Tay, Tay." So cute!
We are so blessed!
This was at the luncheon to celebrate BP's 30th.
Happy 30th Birthday Blake!!
Both Blake and I are blessed with such an AMAZING family. We are so very thankful for our family, but we would not mind being legally adopted by the Patricio’s. :) They are absolutely FANTASTIC. Every one of them! From the parents to the siblings to the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins…they each make us feel so special and loved. They love on Aubrey Rose as though she is their own. They give the best bear hugs as though we are family. We are forever grateful to them for making us feel as though we have been friends for a lifetime. Their constant thoughtfulness and generosity warms our heart over and over. On Sunday, the whole Patricio family drove to Santa Cruz for a lunch to celebrate Blake’s 30th. It was so fun to see everyone. Here is the Patricio clan! Thanks to all of you for being so sweet to Blake, Aubrey Rose and I! We love you guys!


Blake and Christina said...

You brought tears to my eyes with what you wrote about Blake's birthday weekend. BP and I love you guys so much. We could not imagine celebrating Blake's birthday without you and we were happy you could come for the whole weekend. It was so much fun. I know the Patricio family loves you guys and you will forever be family in our eyes! Love you!!

Ahlem Family said...

I second that Christina. We'd be happy to call you FAMILY!! It's been so much fun getting to know you and sharing these fun memories with you and your family. Here's to many more years and memories together.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so special that you have such great friends like Blake and Christina! Celebrate your meeting anniversary all the way!!! ;)