Friday, September 25, 2009

All for a good cause!

This afternoon Blake, Aubrey Rose and I were honored to be apart of a good cause. Kiss Country 93.7 is having a Radiothon this whole weekend to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Central California. As I mentioned in previous posts, we LOVE our Children’s Hospital. Today, there were about 15 of us (some Wawona staff members as well as Blake’s family) we all went to Children’s Hospital to bring a check on behalf of all the employees of Wawona. Since August, Wawona has been doing a fundraiser and today we were able to bring a check to the hospital for $33,132!!! It was such an honor to be apart of!

This is how they had the Radiothon set up in the rotundra of the hospital. The people in the back (sitting at the desks) are Wawona employees who offered their time to answer phones trying to raise money for Children's Hospital.

Bill and Linda (Blake's parents) were interviewed on air by Greg Lane from Kiss Country.

We even had Aubrey Rose answering the phones!
Ok, not really, but it was a great photo op!

The Wawona employees and us wore these shirts below. One of our Wawona employees created the design of the shirts. They turned out so good!