Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whew....what a week!

What a week! And what a month ahead! I think the next time we will be able to take a “real” breather is after the New Years! Or at least that is how I feel when I look at our calendar! For the month of October, between Blake, Aubrey Rose and myself we are going to be in Napa, L.A., Paso Robles, Chicago, San Francisco, Canada, and of course Fresno and Clovis! WHEW!!! And next month, we have a family trip to Maui. Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons will be here before we will even realize! Then, New Years! Goodness!!!
Let’s backtrack…it definitely has been quite a week! A week ago today, Aubrey Rose and I were in Napa with my family, Blake was in L.A. for a work convention, then we all went to Paso Robles for Blair’s Miss Rodeo California competition and on Wednesday morning, Blake’s sweet, sweet Grandma passed away. That led to the funeral service yesterday and of course wonderful family time and cousin time today. We are so blessed.
Let’s begin with the most important, Grandma Muriel Smittcamp. What a wonderful lady whom we are so blessed to call Grandma. We treasure the many wonderful memories she leaves us with. She was 92 years young and Grandpa and her just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary! What an amazing accomplishment!
Here is a picture of us last Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa.
The only benefit to this sadness was family coming into town. Tonight we had a fun cousin get together. The Smittcamp cousins are so much fun to be with! Here is some of our fun from this evening. These are just some of the grandchildren and GREAT-grandchildren!
Having fun with cousins...and learning how to share. :)
We will not even discuss how many quarters it took for their dads to get these bouncy balls for them from the machine which you drop the claw to pick them up. You all know what I am talking about, right?! Yeah, we will ONLY discuss the excitement these kids experienced playing with them after (oh, and the pure exhilaration of Blake and Greg of their accomplishment)!

It is ONLY quarters right? Aubrey Rose having fun in the bug before we went home. Our other highlight from our week was Blair’s competition. She ran for Miss Rodeo California. She was 2nd runner up and we CAN NOT be more proud of our Blair! This competition is sooooooo intense! Just think of the Miss America pageants, this is very similar. The contestants are judged on appearance, personal interviews, speech, and impromptu questions. The questions can be everything from politicial, personal, rodeo or anything in between. Rodeo questions can be anything from all rodeo events to every rodeo sponsor to every individual that has a job through the rodeo. INTENSE! Instead of each contestant having a talent, they all are judged on their horsemanship skills. They each had two rides, both times on a horse they had never been on before. The first ride was a choreographed routine they each performed, then switch horses and they each had a minute, thirty seconds to do whatever they wanted. INTENSE! Then, trade the bikini competition for leather dresses with boots and there you have the Miss Rodeo California competition. That is why ONLY 8 girls in ALL of California competed in this pageant. It truly is an honor to be apart of. Blair we CAN NOT say it enough…WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!

Aubrey Rose got to be with royalty this week! This is Blair, 2008 Miss California Rodeo Salinas and Brittany, 2009 Miss CA Rodeo Salinas
Even more royalty...Miss Texas Rodeo and our Auntie B., Miss California Rodeo Salinas, with Aubrey Rose Aubrey Rose dancin' the Boot Scootin' Boogie with Auntie B.

Here are all the girls in their pretty dresses. This was after their speeches and impromptu questions. Blair is in the deep blue dress.
Coronation night...Blair is the far left in the fushia pink. WAY TO GO BLAIR!!