Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sure is fun being a girl!!!

Today the four of us girlfriends (Natalie, Ashley, Jessica and I) had a little spa day! It sure is fun being a girl! We met for lunch at one of my favorites...Piazza del Pane. Enjoyed a mimosa and lunch and then headed across the street to the spa. We were very impressed with the adorable ambiance. There was leopard print everywhere and beautifully elegant throughout. It was each of our first Zena's Spa experience. We all got pedicures and the girls enjoyed a massage too. I had to leave a little early because tonight we leave for NYC!! Blake and I leave in a few hours. I am sure I will have lots to update about when we return. :) Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Birthday to Ashley on Friday!!

Jessica and I got to enjoy our pedicure together. These were the flip flops they gave us to wear home. It was so much fun!

Weekend in Newport

We had such a wonderful weekend this past weekend. We went to Newport Beach for Blake's cousins wedding. Here are some pictures from the BEAUTIFUL wedding!

These are all cousins below!!!
Okay, some are like me...just blessed to be apart of the Smittcamp traditions. :)

Our fun table with John and Donielle...the beautiful bride and groom. Cheers to Table #6!

We not only had fun family time, but we had awesome friend time too. Blake and Christina came with us. They were so, so sweet to come with us and watch Aubrey Rose while we went to the wedding. It was so fun to make a long weekend out of it. Here is Blake and Christina's post with more fun pictures from our weekend in Newport!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working in the yard

These pictures are actually taken from a couple of weekends ago. Blake and I were working out in the yard with our little sunshine. Aubrey Rose was a good little helper.

Our little girl is not so little anymore!

This is Aubrey Rose's "catcher" position. Maybe Aubrey Rose will be a softball player just like her mommy!

Pretty neat picture...that is for sure!

Last week we went to the Clovis Mayor's Breakfast. Even Grandpa Smittcamp was there to join! I am so thankful we got this picture. On the left is Blake's brother, Bradley, then Mr. Petersen...he has worked for Wawona for over 50 years!! He is such a special, special part of the Smittcamp family and has attributed greatly to the success of the family business. On top of all of that, he is the kindest, most honest and genuine man. Next, in the picture, right in the middle is Grandpa Smittcamp. Grandpa is the most amazing business man, the absolute sweetest husband to Grandma Muriel, has such a huge heart for others, is the best dad and grandpa to many, makes everyone laugh, gives the greatest hugs and always whispers in your ear the sweetest compliments....well at least he does to the ladies. Thanks Grandpa! Next to Grandpa is his youngest son, Bill who is the best father-in-law I could EVER ask for. Last but not least is my husband, Blake. :)
This is definitely a special picture of some of the kindest people you will ever meet, but at the same time the best business men and rising business men in the world.
(Yes, this is my humble opinion.) :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lots of fun and some work...

Saturday night we had so much fun celebrating our friend Natalie Farmer's 30th birthday. It was a SURPRISE party. We had dinner at an excellent restaurant, celebrated together while making new friends and making more memories with old friends. We laughed the entire night! And I am not exaggerating...we seriously laughed all night. Happy Birthday Natalie! And to her wonderful husband Steve...THANK YOU for such a special night and for spoiling our sweet friend!

Not sure if you can tell, but she had tears in her eyes she was so shocked and surprised!

WAY TO GO STEVE!!! You definitely surprised her good!

The four of us were so blessed to be in a small group together through The Well. We were all apart of Mom's and More. Each of these girls are such a blessing in my life. Thank you Jessica, Natalie and Ashley for being such wonderful friends.

The birthday group all together after dinner before we headed over to Steve and Natalie's for dessert!

LOVE you girls!!

The four of us couples. Such a wonderful evening!

Happy 30th Birthday Natalie!

Some more fun from the weekend...pool time has definitely been a favorite thing to do around here. Aubrey Rose and I have been in every day the last week. So refreshing! Daddy even got to enjoy it for a bit this weekend!

Aubrey Rose loooooves her new ladybug float. Thank you so much Josh and Megan!! It is perfect for her!

On Sunday morning, Blake went out and worked for Jesus! :) Our church, The Well Community Church participated in a Serve Day. What happens outside the church is as important as what happens inside. Serve Day is a day that we have no service at our normal locations but we go out into the community and serve others. We partner with Susan B. Anthony school (in downtown Fresno). There is everything from yard maintenance of neighbors or companies, washing windows, car washes, playing with neighborhood children, helping organize the thrift store, and so much more. Or there is what Blake worked on....he helped REMOVE and REPLACE a neighbors roof!! When he finished working...this is what he looked like. The pictures just don't do it justice!!! I just love his smile. Behind all the dirt, he is still smiling like the Blake we love.

After working 3 hours on the roof, Blake went out and played a tennis match with his Men's tennis league. He won BOTH matches this past weekend! And the team overall won both of them as well. Yeah!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pool Time!

The sun is out and the pool is refreshing! Aubrey Rose and I have had a couple of pool days already. She absolutely loves it! Splash! Splash! Splash! That is her favorite thing to do in the water. A couple of weeks ago we had our pool fence installed. It is such a blessing! I love being able to be in the backyard with her and let her just wander where she wants. I would have to say her favorite activity is to be outside, but to be outside playing with water is the cherry on the top for her!

Here is our happy girl! Let me know if your kids need an outlet in the pool. You know ours is ALWAYS open and ready for some refreshing fun! That includes all my Canada, Minnesota and Arizona family too! :)

Aubrey Rose's new word is HIIIIIIII! It is so cute! It is pretty much the only word she likes to say on demand right now and even at that she only says it about half the time I ask her to. :) I think Aubrey Rose just likes to tease us. She understands every word we say, so I know when I ask her to say Hi, and she chooses not to, it is definitely not because she doesn't know how. This girl just likes doing what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. She is my little independent girl. Hence the reason I have yet to video tape any words she says. The video tape comes words from her! She knows. :) She has a handful of words...mama, dada, uh-oh, hi, baby, eye, doggie, up, night night...I think my favorite right now is hi. Some of the reason is because it is not just hi, it is HIIIIIIIIIIIIII. That is what she was saying to me when I took this shot. She makes me laugh all day!

Our wonderful friends Garrett and Ashley, Taylor and Peyton blessed Aubrey Rose with this water table for her birthday. She absolutely LOOOOOVES it! It has boats for the water, train for the tracks and then areas to drop the water into which makes the toys go round and round. She loves it! Thank you so much G & A for such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Hours of entertaining, which I am so thankful for.

Here is a picture of our new fence around the pool. We love it...not only because it is safe for kids, but also because it doesn't block the view as much as we had thought and we can easily remove all of it or sections of it any time! Come over for a swim anytime or even just to dip your feet in the pool! I promise you will be refreshed!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby in Fresno!

Today we had an absolutely lovely afternoon. Bill and Linda were so gracious and invited all of us to the Kentucky Derby event honoring Children's Hospital Central California. We absolutely love this event and the La Feliz Guild definitely knows how throw a party! So much work goes into this beautiful event and all their hard work paid off. It was absolutely PERFECT!!
We had a wonderful time with friends as well as connecting with people we have not seen for a while. It was truly a joy to be apart of such a magnificient occasion. Thank you again to Bill and Linda for thinking of us!

Here are us girls with our fun hats!

Blair was a highlight of the show! The guests took professional pictures with our Queen and her horse. She looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Here are Bill and Linda, Blair and Blake and I

The fancy tables...the linens were gorgeous! We looooooved them!

The dessert tables were so adorable! And so yummy!

Just enjoying the afternoon! What a wonderful day it was!