Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse!

August 26th was my brother, Jesse's, 26th birthday. We had lunch at Chipotle with wonderful friends and family. Thanks to C.J. at our office for making all the calls and doing the invites for the lunch. It would not have happened without you C.J.! And then we had dinner at my parents house. My mom made a wonderfully delicious meal and a yummy birthday cake to celebrate. Aubrey Rose gave Uncle Jesse a whiffle ball and bat. She might have loved it more than Jesse. Okay, maybe she just liked sucking on it more before it got its first hit later in the evening in the street with Jesse and Blake. Yes, whiffle ball street style with only two players....anything is possible with these two making up the rules.

Please take special note of our photogenic little girl. I am still amazed that at almost 6 months she can smile the biggest smile on demand at the perfect moment this picture was taken. Aubrey Rose, you make your mommy proud!!!

If the picture is too small to is a closer shot of the picture perfect smile.
Good job my little sunshine!

Time for some hard core whiffle ball street style.

Photo shoot time....AGAIN!

Here are some pics we took from Aubrey Rose's most recent photo shoot. Her smiles are non stop, so we figure the camera can be non stop too! Okay, to be honest, even if she doesn't smile, the camera is non stop. We obviously can't get enough of this girl!! Our wonderful friend, Christina Patricio, the woman of MANY talents, recently began creating some flower handbands. She was so sweet to give a couple to Aubrey Rose. Here are some of our favorites pics with our new favorite headbands. Thank you sooooooo much Christina!!

This next one definitely makes me laugh! Not sure what Aubrey Rose was thinking at this moment, but I am so glad Christina got this expression documented.

This smile is true Aubrey Rose style. She blesses us with it all day long and we are so very thankful for not only her, but her precious smile.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vegas BABY!!

This past weekend we had a wonderful weekend in VEGAS! We went to celebrate Blake's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years!! What an accomplishment! And the best part is they still love being married to each other. They are such a special couple and are wonderful role models for Blake and I to follow. We had such a great time with Linda's side of the family. Wonderful food, great laughs, lots of catching up, new and fun memories, shopping, yummy food, saw the Cirque de Soleil show Ka, and even some sightseeing with visiting the Hoover Dam. And for the late night fun Blake and Christina Patricio were so sweet to come all that way to be our party entertainment. We had so much fun with them too. We even got some celebrity sightings in too! We had a great time and it was such a great feeling to hold Aubrey Rose when we returned. My parents were so sweet to watch her all weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad! And thanks to Bill and Linda for such a wonderful weekend. We are so blessed with such wonderful family!

The whole crew all together. Linda has 2 brothers. One is married with a son and they live in LA and the other brother, Uncle Gary, just recently moved back to Fresno, which we are so thankful for. Thanks for a great weekend everyone!

Blake and I at the Hoover Dam

A picture out in front of our hotel, The Palazzo.

The Smittcamps with MomMom and PopPop

This was the first night out at Pure at Caesars Palace. Kim Kardashian from the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian's was hosting for the evening. It was pretty fun!

Our red carpet experience :-) You should have seen the papparazzi on the other side. The flashes were blinding us.....okay there was only our camera. :-)

Here is Christina with Kim

Here is Christina with Kim's sister Kourtney.

Time to go to bed at 4am!

Hanging out with Brad and Blair. I love this picture.

Bill and Linda had a beautiful even had a work out room with an eliptical machine! So we had to take a family shot on it.

Another picture with MomMom and PopPop

For the second night of fun we went to the Christian Audigier club in Treasure Island. Audrina Patridge from the reality show The Hills was hosting for the night. Let's just say she is not the most friendly celebrity. But that is okay we got our picture with her anyway and we had a great time doing it!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Girlfriend Play date!

We had such a wonderful morning today! Aubrey Rose and I had a play date with some wonderful girlfriends. Katie DeManby, Katie Scalzo, Ashley Patricio and I got our little girls together to play and have a good time. It was so much fun to get together for some good girl time. Thanks Ashley for opening up your beautiful home. It was a perfect day. Aubrey had such a good nap after she came home. We will have to do it again sometime soon! Here are a couple of pictures of the girls all together. Starting on the left is Taylor Patricio, then Aubrey, Logan DeManby and then Grace Scalzo. The girls had so much fun as well and they played so good with Aubrey Rose. Thanks girls!