Friday, September 11, 2009


We were able to get away to Carmel with my family. We had such a great time relaxing, laughing, playing games, taking walks, making smores at our bonfire, taking naps, girls watched Julie and Julia, guys (plus Christy) watched G.I. Joe, celebrating Allie for her birthday, being entertained by Aubrey Rose, entertaining Aubrey Rose, playing more games, laughing at Aubrey Rose's new "funny face," eating yummy food out and at home and of course staying in such a beautiful and comfortable home away from home. We had a wonderful time together. We are so blessed!
We did a pizza oven tour! SO FUN!
My parents bought this entertainment for Aubrey Rose. She loved it! Especially when Auntie Allie laid in the tent and played with her for probably an hour!

Blake arrived Saturday evening. It was so fun to have him there even though the peaches were calling him back to work to go home Sunday night. (We stayed another night for Labor Day and celebrated Allie's birthday)
We ate in Big Sur. Absolutely beautiful scenery! Such blue, blue waters.
She will do this face on command now. It started with her making this face while trying to get these pegs into the hole. As we were all laughing at her expression, she realized what she was doing and voila....Aubrey Rose's "FUNNY FACE!"
Absolutely breathtaking views at the The Carmel Mission Inn. We had a yummy, yummy brunch. There were sheep in the pasture behind that Aubrey Rose enjoyed watching.
All of us together


Karen said...

Hi Cherie! I'm so glad you have this blog! I check for updates every few days just to see how the California cousins are doing.'re top photo?? It has Christmas Card written all over it.

Secondly, next time the Savoie's are in California, you MUST take us to that pizza place!! There's an incredible pizza place here in Minneapolis called Punch Pizza. They look like similar places. YUM! Did you eat at Nepenthe in Big Sur? My fave.

We love you all! Karen

trevor said...

I don't wanna be a punk, but I'm compelled to let you know that most of that first paragraph is a run-on sentence...

...maybe I'm just bitter because I wasn't invited.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys! And I LOVE the "funny face"!!!!!!!!!!!