Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tractor Pull in Tulare

Every Tuesday night is Smittcamp family night with Blake's side of the family. WE LOVE IT!! It keeps us connected, reminds us of how blessed we truly are, and also allows for some great memories! This last Tuesday night, is probably one we will remember for a LONG time! We decided to experience a Tractor Pull. What is a Tractor Pull you ask? Yeah, we went to find out. HA!!
Tulare (a city about 45 min. from us) is the home of The World's largest annual Ag Expo. We bundled up in our jackets and we experienced the Tractor Pull. Contestants soup up their tractors and trucks and the goal is to pull a weighted sled the furthest on a dirt track. The engines are roaring and the fireworks are blaring. We all had our ear plugs in! It is as loud as the Monster Truck Jams. It was so entertaining! A whole new world for us! Aubrey Rose just kept saying VROOM! VROOM! VROOM!! and plugging her ears!