Monday, March 7, 2011

My cup runneth over

On February 27th at 6:45pm, our little baby finally arrived. What a crazy 24 hour period! Saturday afternoon (the 26th) my contractions began. They were quite intense. At 11:30pm we decided to go to the hospital. We called both parents at almost midnight (sorry Mom and Dad's!!) to update them and to figure out our plan for Aubrey Rose. Then, we were on our way to the hospital. After almost 5 hours, we were sent home. :( My contractions were not close enough and I had not dilated enough. We decided we would rather be at home. We got home about 5am. We were not home long. We ended up going back into the hospital at about 2pm on that same day. This time things moved fast! The baby arrived at 6:45pm. What a relief!!!

We were looking up boy middle names since we did not have that set yet. We had our girl name set, but not quite prepared for a boy. We were throwing around a variety of family names. In the end we decided on a name we just really liked.
Baby #2...when did this happen??? Didn't we just get married the other day? :)
The word RELIEF could not be a more perfect way to describe my thoughts that day. Those last few weeks were really tough physically. And then the labor was so hard too. I feel like Aubrey Rose just slipped right out. Not this time. I really think this boy did not want to come out!

But, oh, when he finally arrived...such sweet, wonderful memories! I don't think I will ever forget those first moments following his birth. I asked our doctor if Blake could tell me the sex of our baby instead of our doctor. Best request ever! We were so sure it was going to be a girl...ok, ok I was so sure this baby was going to be a girl that I had convinced Blake too, so when it was a BOY he honestly had to look and then take a double look and then it had to register in his mind and THEN he finally told me. It felt like 3 or 4 minutes. Ha! I am sure it was probably only a minute if that. But, it was amazing to hear it from him and for it to be a boy made it all the more special. I still can not believe it. And he looks just like his daddy, with a FULL head of hair. :)
Austin James
8 pounds, 4 ounces
21 1/4 inches

I did not expect Aubrey Rose to be able to meet her new brother in the hospital so when it all worked out, it made the day even more special. When she came in, I was holding Austin. She came right up to me and sat next to me on the bed. She put her hand on Austin's chest and said, "Mommy, your baby is sooooooo cute." It was precious.
Our little miracles
I can not believe I have a boy. It sure is a long couple of months waiting to find out the sex until the birth, but oh the day the baby arrives, it sure is a blessing to see God's perfect plan work out and then instant gratification of holding the little one in your arms. Such a miracle.
What do you think? Do they look related??
All strapped in, ready to go home!
Going home

Daddy and his boy
Had to take a picture with MJ. Hilarious!
My sweet friend, Megan, took some adorable pictures of Austin at the hospital. Check them out HERE!