Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday AUBREY ROSE!!

{Aubrey Rose...2 years old}Now you are three years old??!! Where has the time gone? What a joy these past 3 years have been! Aubrey Rose, you light up Daddy and my world, as well as so many others. When I think of you, I think of the sweet Jesus song, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine..." Sunshine, you have this special light that radiates so bright. I pray your heart finds Jesus at such a young age and will never depart from Him. I pray your beautiful light God has blessed you with, will be a beacon of light for others to desire to know more about Him through you.

{Aubrey Rose...3 years old!} My little girl who brings such beautiful light and laughter to our home, you can also bring on a quite a challenge for your mommy and daddy. Your independent spirit, a wonderful and admirable trait when older, is often tricky for us to figure out. You know what you want. You know when you want to do it. You know how you want to do it. And you will try everything possible to do it the way you want to do it. It's a good thing you are cute. (Or "tute" as you would say.) :) Even though it is a challenge at age 2 and 3 (and I am sure for many years to come), we know God has made you perfectly the way you are. We will continue to do our best at raising you to the best of our ability.
Aubrey Rose, you are quite the social little butterfly. You don't mind the hour of the day (or night), if there are people near, you want to be up and playing. You are quite the trooper with our sometimes later nights for family nights or our bible study evenings. You can hang with the best of us! :) The best part about if you stay up late, is you are still fun in the morning!! I am so thankful for that about you. Aubrey, you light up when you get to meet new friends. You REALLY light up when you get to be with your best friends. But the time I see you light up the most when you get to be with our sweet family. You have such a special bond with each family member. Whether grandparent or aunt or uncle or cousins, it is just adorable to see you express your love for them.
You are quite the sleeper. You must have got this wonderful trait from Daddy. Daddy is a great sleeper as well. You usually go to bed about 8 or 8:30 and you wake up at about 7:30am. You still love your naps. You usually sleep from about 2-5pm every afternoon. I really hope you keep this up for a REALLY long time! I can get a lot done during those hours!!

This picture was when I knew it was time for a... BIG girl bed! You moved into this when you were 2 1/2.
Aubrey Rose, you are quite the performer. You like to sing. You like to dance. You like to have lots of attention. :) It is VERY common to hear from you all through out the day, "Mommy, watch this! Watch this, Mommy!" You are our pink girlie girl! You love anything PINK and princess! Sometimes you throw us for a loop and say orange or green or something different than pink. I am sure my eyes bug out in amazement when that happens, since you are usually insist on everything being pink. You love bracelets and shoes and anything that matches. It has to match!
You are an amazing BIG sister!! You have definitely exceeded my hopes and expectations. You have been nothing but sweet and caring for your little brother. You have made us so proud.
Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are officially "free" years old! :)