Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First couple of days...

We have been so blessed by such sweet family and friends. All the phone calls, texts, emails, messages, flowers, gifts, delicious meals or just stopping by to meet our little Austin has meant the world to us.
We are adjusting really well. Actually way better than I had expected. Big sister has been a huge fan of her little brother. She has been so sweet, tender, helpful and simply adorable with him. Austin has been just as sweet to us. He is feeding a million times better than I remember Aubrey Rose to have been. He has been sleeping better than I expected. He gave us one night that he thought we should be up from 12-5am, but the other days I haven't even felt like I need a nap! I realize we are only one week into this, so I shouldn't talk too much!! But, it sure has been a nice way to begin this new season in our life. We are blessed beyond words!

Our first night home with our newest addition we had some family stop by. We ate dinner with my parents and Jesse, Allie and Jedidiah.
These cousins are going to grow up to be best buddies. Jed and Austin are 3 months apart. It is going to be so fun watching these two grow up.
Oma and Auntie Allie made cookies with Aubrey Rose. Thank you for loving on our little girl too!
Opa having play time with Jed.
Opa now has 3 grandbabies to juggle his time with. Good thing he does a good job at it!!
Austin at 2 days old
Oma and Opa with 2 of their grandbabies. I still can't believe these babies are ours. How does time fly so fast??!!
Our first morning home, the four of us were out of the house by 8:30am since we needed to get some blood work done for Austin. He had some jaundice, but by Thursday his levels were decreasing. Praise the Lord!!
That night Mimi and Auntie Blair came for dinner. Austin had some sweet snuggle time with Mimi.
and Auntie Blair!
The next night we had some more family stop by. Jon, Andrea and Christopher.
Over the weekend Uncle Gary stopped by.
One of our favorite moments was when Big Papa finally got to meet his first grandson. Big Papa had to fly out the morning Austin was born. He had a busy week in DC, Atlanta and North Carolina. We were so glad for him to be home and for him to meet his grandson.