Saturday, January 25, 2014

Everyday Life

Sometimes the best pictures are the moments that are captured of the everyday moments.
These first ones are so blurry but they make me smile because of the memories.
The kids were LOVING wrestling and playing with Daddy.
We have been going to a lot of Fresno State basketball games.
I love this "selfie" Blake and Austin took together.
Our little archer has been a big fan of her Christmas gift.
This was before church a couple of Sunday's ago.
We checked out a different church with my parents.
This is Aubrey Rose being the best big sissy.
She has been helping us get Austin finished up with potty training.
She is so helpful and so patient with her little brother (most of the time).  :)
A day in the life over here….
Obviously the picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago because our Christmas lights were still up, but this is a little of what our life is like over here. 
The top picture is from the morning with toys scattered all over the house and the bottom was taken the same evening.  This is when my mind is much more relaxed in a clean house.
I am sure there will be days that I miss the pitter patter of little feet around here, so I am soaking in the precious every day moments.