Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sun Valley

The morning after Christmas, we hopped on a plane and went to Sun Valley, Idaho.
We went to celebrate Blake's sister, Blair's birthday.
She turned 25.
It was freezing cold there, with only a tiny bit of snow.
Good thing we can figure out how to have fun anywhere!  :)
The first morning we went to breakfast, the guys went skiing and then...
we went ice skating.
CC trying to figure out how to make rainbow looms (Aubrey Rose's new Christmas gift).
When you cross the street in Sun Valley, you take these orange flags 
and hold them until you get to the other side of the street.
Daddy and Austin….matching sunglasses.
For Blair's birthday dinner, we went out for some yummy sushi.
Mimi is always so prepared.
She brought sunglasses for the birthday fun.
The next day the five of us went skiing…
A little bit of play time in the snow.

Just barely enough snow to make her "snow fairy"
Aubrey took some ski classes and this was the mountain she tackled.  
By the end of our time here, she loved to ski.
Next time we hope there will be more snow!
One of our favorite pics from the trip!
A little shuffle board action on our last night out on the town in Sun Valley.
It was Blake and Brad against Bill and I.  
Blake is just TOO good at that shuffleboard!!
The game started the evening off good though.
Above is really how we are, but we can let loose every now and then.  HA!
Last day.
Aubrey had another ski class.
Daddy and Uncle Brad went skiing,
while the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed our last day before reality set back in.
We ended the kids day with some epic tube fun.
The kids absolutely loved it.

The next morning, it was time to go home.  :(
Sweet, cold memories to last a lifetime!