Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 30th Lauren!

Last weekend we got to enjoy the evening with some new friends.  
We met these friends about a year ago when Aubrey Rose came home from Awana's, 
asking us if we "knew who Drew was going to marry."  
I, at that time, had no clue who "Drew" even was, 
let alone who he was going to marry.  
Aubrey proceeded to tell Blake and I, 
"He is going to marry me!"  
Oh really???!!!  
We are not okay with her already talking about marriage.  
She is only 5!!  

However, then we met Drew's parents.
They are wonderful!  We hit it off right away.
Here is Drew and Aubrey Rose.
Well, Drew's mommy turned 30 and her husband and her sister 
threw her the most adorable party.

 It was a black and white cocktail attire party.

 Here are the ladies who were at the party.  
We didn't get a picture of the guys!
Lauren has three sisters.
Here is Lauren (sitting next to me) and two of her sisters.
I would definitely love to be an adopted sister in this family.
These girls were so fun.
Or maybe even better we could have an arranged marriage for our kids.  HA!!


Sloan Family said...

Oooh! Fun post to open up and see on my blogger home page when I signed in this morning! I'm ALL for adopted sisters and arranged marriages! ;)
Loved that you guys were a part of the party! Hugs!