Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day #6

Our day started out relaxing at home with the ladies and the kiddos.
Blake and Bill went to work at our plant in Watsonville.
After they returned, we all walked back to the pier, 
so we could show the others the craziness of the sharks.
Right when we walked onto the pier we saw two guys trying to pull up their sharks they caught.
Within about 15 minutes later we saw a handful more of sharks being caught.
So many sharks!!  It was crazy!
I am telling you...SHARKNADO people!
Then, we went to Capitola for a meal.
Then, we drove down memory lane for Bill and the family.
We went to a place that his family grew up visiting often.
The place was so cute!
Then, Daddy and...
Big Papa had to leave to go home and back to work.
We were thankful to get a few hours together!!
Us ladies stayed and danced on the patio,
then a little more play time on the beach...
all while watching the sun go down.
God sure is good.
Not just at the beach.
He is good today, tomorrow and always.