Friday, September 27, 2013

New decision EVER!!

We are three weeks into a new routine over here in the food department.  
After the first week, I told Allie (my wonderful sister-in-law)
"Can we do this for the rest of our lives??" 
It has been THAT great!

I actually don't remember how it all got started,
but Allie and I decided to get together to prep meals for the week.
The first week, I watched the kiddos, she went grocery shopping,
then in the afternoon when the kids went down for their nap,
we got to work!

We did this on Monday,
made meals for each night of the week.
Sliced, diced, seasoned, mixed and ready to just throw in the oven 
or whatever the recipe calls for.
The picture above we made stuffed bell peppers.  
On prep day, we made and seasoned the meat mix.
Then the day of we just cut open the bell peppers, filled the mixture and put them in the oven.
For the kids we decided to make burritos using the same meat mixture.
It usually takes a whole afternoon,
which can feel like it might not end,
but then every night of the week,
we just pull out the 9x13 pan (or whatever it might be)
and bake it, or bbq it and serve.
This was another meal we made,
chicken and green beans in a bag.
This new routine has been such a blessing.
It has been a blessing to my busy mind.
It has been a blessing to my wonderful husband.
It has been a blessing to our kids...
(even if they don't understand how much of a blessing).
It has also been a blessing to our nutrition.
It has been fun to try new recipes and to learn together!
I encourage you to find a friend or a family member too, to do this with!  
You will be glad you did!!