Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aubrey and Blake's dance recital

Aubrey Rose has been in a dance class for a couple of months now.  
She had her first dance recital a couple of weeks ago.  
They had a Daddy Dance in the recital.  
So guess who was apart of it?  HA!  Yep, Aubrey Rose's daddy!  
I really have no idea who had more fun out on the dance stage.  
It was so much fun watching both of them perform.
Don't you love it when two year olds have their own idea of what they want to do?
This is Aubrey Rose's dance teacher.  We love her!!
She had the sweetest fans come out and watch our little girl and her Daddy.
My dad.  We missed my mom!  (She was in Canada.)  :(
Uncle Brad (Blake's brother)
Chelsey (my cousin)
Of course the dad's had to get a picture with their dance coach.  :)