Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I can't believe we have a little Kindergartner!
Or I should say a BIG Kindergartner!!
I am so proud of our girl.
After we came home from a week at the beach,
I decided we would spend the following week PRETENDING it was school.
We woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and
started walking to school just like we will be doing the following week for Kindergarten.
We got to school and we got to see our favorite new employee at our school.
One of my sweetest and most dear friends is now a GIS at Aubrey Rose's school.
I am so excited and thankful.  Such a blessing.
Then, we went and played at the park and the birthday girl joined us!!  
My little niece recently turned ONE!
It was fun to play at Aubrey Rose's new school's park with her favorite cousins.

One thing we do when we walk to school is we look for roly poly bugs.
Austin loves to watch Aubrey Rose with the bugs.
He has yet to touch them.
This same week of pretending we had school,
we also got to visit Aubrey Rose's new classroom and meet her new teacher.
We LOVE her new teacher! 
We feel so incredibly blessed to be at the school we are and to have the teacher we do.
As a gift she gave her students this note below and the goodies in the picture above.
It was pretty cute.
This was Aubrey Rose playing on her playground she gets to play on in Kindergarten.
The night before Kindergarten started, we had a fun night celebrating her big accomplishment.  
 I put out some new school clothes that she got over the summer.
We put out the supplies she will need and her new backpack and lunch bag.
She asked if she could write a note to her teacher.
She loved all the fun stuff.
She kept giggling and told me,
"You surprised me Mommy!  I didn't know you were going to do this!"
The next morning was the BIG day!

We got to school and saw Mrs. Scalzo right when we walked up!
Such a treat!
And Daddy coming on the first day was such a treat as well!
When she came home from her first day, I threw a tiny party for her.
We had balloons that Austin and I pummeled her with.  HA!!
We kept cheering and jumping up and down celebrating her accomplishment.
She loved her first day.
She loved her first week.
She has loved everything about Kindergarten.
Day #2 of Kindergarten we all matched and definitely NOT on purpose.
Oops!!!  But it was picture worthy.  HA!!
Two things I want to remember about her first week of Kindergarten was when I asked her if she was nervous about anything on her first day, she said, "No Mommy, I knew they would keep me safe."  That made me heart so happy because I knew she was confident and comfortable.  I pray that confidence and comfort can carry on throughout her years in school.
The other thing I pray for are her friends.  I pray for the influences around her.  I pray God puts sweet, wonderful friends near her always.  On the second day of school, she came home and told me a story about her best friend.  I stopped her in her tracks and we just started jumping up and down and cheering and thanking Jesus that Aubrey Rose has a best friend at school.  Two days in and she already has a best friend.  :)  After we finished celebrating I asked her what her friends name was and she said, "I don't know."  ;)  I love how Kindergartners can be best friends, yet don't know each other names.  So sweet.

What a great start to a new school year,
a new school,
and a whole new season of life!