Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick getaway!

My parents were heading to the beach.
Blake is still busy in peach season, so I invited myself to crash the beach fun.  :)  
I asked in the morning.
We packed up and left that evening.
I brought my cousin, the birthday girl, along with me too!
Sometimes unplanned things are the best.
My sister and her hubby ended up joining too!
I love spur of the moment fun!
Uncle Aaron and Auntie Christy bought a new game for the kids.  
Aubrey Rose LOVED the game!!
It was a perfect game for her five year mind.  
I was quite impressed with how well Aubrey handled it when Auntie Christy got the win 
even after Aubrey Rose was only one spot away from winning TWICE!
It is not fun to loose, especially when you are sooooooo close to winning 
and then add on being 5 years old.
She handled it great and just wanted to play again. 
It might help to have Auntie Christy who makes the game even more fun and silly.
These two are so blessed with the BEST auntie and uncles!

Uncle Aaron and Austin have quite the adorable bond already.  
"Whe Aain?  Whe Aain go?" 
He doesn't care too much about what Auntie Christy is doing, 
he just wants to be wherever Uncle Aaron is.

Opa and Oma took a walk one morning with the kids,
so the others could sleep a bit more.
Thank you Mom and Dad!

Before we headed back home, 
we snuck in a little more time at the beach,
and searching for treasures with sweet family.