Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our last, full day :(

The morning started with these silly kiddos playing with their new pirate toys they won at the arcade game at the Boardwalk the night before.
Do they scare you???
A smile with a hook in hand.  So scary, right?  HA!
Then, we went for a walk to the pier to look for more sharks.
Mimi, being the most favoritest Mimi in the world got Austin Doritos chips at 9am for breakfast.
Oh, the life on vacation.
This was the moment we found out Chelsey (my cousin and Blair's roomie) was coming to the beach!!  
She came with Big Papa and we had not seen her for the whole summer since she went to Boston for the summer.
Aubrey Rose of course requested playing in the beach again.
She is quite the fan.  
Our girl who sits on the side of the sandbox at home 
sure loves to get all sandy and dirty at the beach.
This was definitely a favorite memory from this week.  
What started with Uncle Brad covering his feet, led to great entertainment.
You were a trooper Uncle B-Rad!
Aubrey Rose got a little more sandy too.
She loved it!
Then our favorite CC ARRIVED!!!!  
We were sooooooo excited she came to the beach house to join in the fun!
Uncle Brad showing off his skills.
Then, we showered, got cleaned up and had a yummy dinner at home.
I am soooooo happy she is home!! 
I am not the only one who is thankful she is home.  :)
Austin and Aubrey Rose came out with Mimi and BB's sunglasses on.
Then, they traded.  
These two keep us laughing.
Yummy steak dinner on the patio.
Austin took this pic of his favorite sissy...
Why do they think this is fun?
They have started wrestling and playing together so silly, so often these days.
They giggle so much together.
We got to come home with some new stuffed animals from the Boardwalk.  
There were actually three more that are not pictured.
Blake and I love filling the house with more things.  HA!
Okay...the kids LOVE filling it with more things.
 We loved our last evening in our home away from home.
We ended the evening with a little bonfire.
These two waited patiently for Daddy to get the fire started...
We roasted marshmallows, ate yummy smores and 
tried (and quickly squashed) a game of Truth or Dare.  HA!! 
It was decided Truth or Dare is probably better without family present or when Mom is not listening.  :)  
The next morning we cleaned up the beach house, packed up and on the road we went.
We got home and I kid you not our clean, spotless house looked like this within maybe 3 minutes.  Welcome home!!
It did feel good to be home though.
Thank you Mimi and Big Papa for the BEST summer memories.
It was an incredible week.
Incredibly relaxing.
It was the perfect way to end our summer before our girl started Kindergarten.
We can not thank you enough.
These sweet memories will last a lifetime.
 We love you sooooooo much!!