Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kindergarten update

Our little Kindergartner is getting older and older every day.  ;)
She absolutely LOVES going to school.  
We are in her sixth week of school.
26 days in so far.
She goes to school in the mornings and
I would not consider Aubrey Rose to be a morning girl. 
She loved preschool, but there were definitely days 
she asked if she could stay home or if she didn't have to go.
I have yet to hear any of that.
One day she did ask if she could just wait a little longer to go,
but other than that, it has been such a delight for her.

This is Aubrey Rose's FAVORITE way to get to school...  
I haven't mentioned anything yet to her, 
but I did notice she started the school year wearing her backpack 
on both shoulders with the middle snap done across her chest.
Now she insists on holding it on one shoulder.
I am not sure if her friends wear it that way too, 
but you better believe I am going to start paying attention to that.  ;)
And so it begins.
Friday's are spirit days at school.
Mimi (Blake's wonderful mom) made her the cutest dress with the school colors.
On the back of the dress Mimi added a paw print and Go Tigers!
It turned out so cute!!
Thank you Mimi!!
One different thing about Aubrey Rose being in Kindergarten is,
 now any extra curricular things need to be done in the afternoon or evening. 
There is no more luxury of getting it done in the morning.  :(
It is quite tricky with Austin still taking afternoon naps.
We have gymnastics on Wednesdays...
soccer practice on Wednesday nights,
dance practice on Thursdays...
and Awana's just started back up as well.
It's a lot of work being in Kindergarten!!
So, as you can probably imagine I come across this every now and then.  ;)
Yesterday, when we picked up Aubrey Rose from school,
Austin let go of my hand and sprinted to sissy.
Aubrey picked him up in her arms, swung him around and they both giggled and giggled.
I wish I had video taped it.
It was so precious.
Austin sure loves it when sissy is home.
So do I.  :)