Monday, September 16, 2013

Wedding rehearsal

We had quite the eventful past few days around here.  One of my sweet friends from high school got married.  Julie is one of the sweetest people I know.  She has a heart of gold.  She is the type of friend who just gives, gives, and gives some more.  She is a true gem.  I absolutely loved celebrating this special new chapter in Julie's life.
After a little mani/pedi,
 we met at the church for the rehearsal.
This is Julie's maid of honor, Jamie.
LOVE her too!
We all three met in college at Point Loma.
Those good 'ole days.  :)
It was fun reminiscing and catching up in the midst of checking off our wedding lists.
Aubrey Rose and I
She loved her new dress Mimi MADE for her!
Her favorite thing about the dress is when she twirls.  :)
 It was SUPER hot in the church with no AC,
but everything went perfectly.
 Onto the rehearsal dinner!
 Aubrey Rose got spoiled and Juju ordered a special drink for the flower girl.

 Can't wait for them to be Mr. and Mrs. Storelli!
 Aubrey Rose had school the next day, 
so we had to sneak out a touch early to get this Kindergartner in bed.
Being a flower girl is tough work!  HA!
CAN'T WAIT for the wedding day!!