Saturday, June 11, 2011

Symphony's dedication

Some of you probably know Christopher from our Letter Days. Others might know his mommy from her company Events Divine. Andrea is a PHENOMENAL event planner. I love talking to her about anything and everything, but one really fun topic to talk to her about is ANY event. It just lights her up. She wants to know all the details.
Well, this party was for Christopher's new little sister. Her name is Symphony. She is absolutely adorable! We love her sooooooo much already! It was such a joy to be a part of Symphony's dedication to the Lord.
The dedication was at Jon and Andrea's church and then we went to their house for a brunch in their backyard. The details of the party were absolutely spectacular. Take my breath away spectacular.

The food tent...

Delicious granola and fruit parfaits

Create your own waffles with every topping you can think of!

Two different quiches and a yummy Italian Summer salad

Breakfast sausage, smoked salmon and bagels...I know! Fit for a king or queen!

And don't forget the desserts!

My mom and my cousin Charity

My cousin Jon, Symphony and my dad

Luke (my cousin), Becca and Austin! They look pretty cute with baby, right?

Jesse, Allie and Jed

Friends and family :)

What a special day little Symphony! We love YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! You guys are so special to us and so thankful you could be there! Love you! xoxo